Horaires de priere:

To acknowledge Ramzan timing, Islamic holidays,  and to acknowledge the sunrise and sunset and the iftar time. Every country has sehri and After time according to their region sunsets.

Horaires de prière in Paris:

Ramadan is the holiest, sacred month in the Islamic Calendar where Muslims everywhere on the globe avoid eating, drinking, and satisfying other physiological necessities from sunrise to nightfall only for the Pleasure of Allah SWT.  

For Muslims Ramadan is an exceptionally unique season. Muslims wait an entire year for this Ramadan a sacred month. it is said that in this month Allah opens the doors of Jannah and limits or bounds the Sheitan. fasts start when the light of sunrise contacts the skyline and finishes with nightfall.

It is found from the Arabic word, “Ramada” which signifies “outrageous warmth”. As it is usually realized that exceptional high temperature can contort and bend even the most grounded metals, the same is the situation with this Holy Month which is an extraordinary wellspring of molding the existences of devotees for their own improvement. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam!

Muslims eat one breakfast meal before the first light called suhoor and afterward fast is started throughout the day. At nightfall, Muslims break their fast with a little supper called iftar. This needs to take at the earliest opportunity when sunset/nightfall occurs. 

In this heavenly month, people groups are occupied in prayers. Muslims decline every of delights of life. it isn’t just the period of fasting, but at the same time is an ideal opportunity to endeavor from falsehoods and cheating, a chance to control yourself from every malicious demonstration or evil act. the time is to do great deeds.

Prayer timings:

The prayer times in Paris are settled according to the sunrise, dawn, and sunset of that region.


Fajr starts after dawn and 10 mins before sunrise.


At the noon, It begins when shortened or abbreviated shadows begin to protract. The shar’î time of zuhr proceeds until the ‘asr away, which is the point at which the shadow of each thing longer than its shadow at the hour of genuine zawâl by as much as its tallness, or until ‘asr thânî, which is the point at which its shadow’s length increments by double its stature.


Asr is additionally called asr-I awwal. It is when asr-I awwal begins as per the Two Imâms [Imâm Abu Yûsuf and Imâm Muhammad]. It is something similar in the other three Madhhabs, as well. It is the point at which the shadow of everything turns out to be longer than its shadow at the hour of genuine zawâl by as much as its stature.


It starts when the Sun fully disappears and proceeds till the shafaq (evening dusk) gets obscured, that is, till the redness vanishes.


Isha-I-awwal is the first Azan time of Isha prayer. It is the point at which the redness on the line of an evident skyline in the west vanishes. That is, it is the time at the point when the upper (following) appendage of the Sun plummets to a height of 17° underneath the surface skyline. The hour of Isha prayer begins at the Isha-I-awwal as indicated by the Two Imâms [Imâm Abu Yûsuf and Imâm Muhammad]. It is something similar in the other three Madhhabs, as well.

These are the prayer times in Paris and its surroundings. The calculation method is based on the convention of the Muslim league.

2021 Calendrier:

2021 Calendrier which is the annual calendar known as a Gregorian calendar.

Holidays in (2021)

  • 01-Jan-2021 new-year day
  • May 01 labor day 
  • May o8 second armistice
  • 14 Jul national day
  • Nov 11 first armistice.

Religious holidays  

  • 05 April Easter Monday
  • May 13 ascension
  • May 24 Pentecost
  • 15 august Virgin Mary
  • 01 Nov saint’s day 
  • 25 Dec Christmas

School vacations 2020 2021 

All Saints Holidays 

From Friday, October 16, 2021 evening to Friday, November 30 PM. These dates are regular for all zones. 

Christmas vacations 

From Friday, December 18, 2020 evening to Friday, January 1, 2021 evening. These dates are regular for all zones. 

Winter school vacations

Zone A: from Saturday 06 February 2021 to Monday 22 February 2021 (went through 62 days prior). 

Zone B: from Saturday 20 February 2021 to Monday 08 March 2021 (went through 48 days prior). 

Zone C: from Saturday 13 February 2021 to Monday 01 March 2021 (went through 55 days prior). 

Spring school vacations

For all zones from Saturday, April 10, 2021, to Monday, April 26, 2021 (in 1 day). 

Summer school vacations 

The 2021 summer school vacations start on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 (in 88 days). The 2021 passage date is planned for Thursday, September 2, 2021 (in 146 days).

Ramadan Imsak and Iftar time (2021):

In Ramadan sehri/ Fajr time is after dawn and 10 mins before the sunrise.

In Ramadan, iftar time is when sunrise happens at the time of Maghreb. As Maghreb azan starts iftar begins likewise.

Qibla direction:

119.16 degree is the Qibla direction for Paris.

Paris prayer time for Imsak and Iftar on 04-08-2021:

The time for stop eating food and time to break the fast is estimated at:

Imask is 10 minutes before Fajr depend on the arc of sunrise at 0.83 and arc for Fajr at 0.15.

Horaires de priere Friday Paris:

Next Friday (Joumouha prayer held at 13:52)

Ramadan Calendrier:

Start of Ramadan scheduled for Thursday 13-04-2021.

  • The Ramadan timing is as sehri starts from a late night and ends before Fajr azan or 10 minutes before sunrise.
  • The Aftar starts when the sunset is down or when the Maghrib azan starts.
  • When the Maghrib azan starts people break their fast.

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