100k Shout Out Reviews – [2021 Updated] Does Chris Munch Affiliate Marketing Program Really Work? Read This Before Buying!

Have you ever thought that earning money does not have to be difficult? It simply requires you to have access to the right resources and the knowledge to effectively use these resources. I recently got the chance to test a tool called the Ampifire for my 100K Shout Out review. It made me realize how true the above statement is.

100K Shout Out by Chris Munch is a tool like no other I have seen for all the time that I have been in the online marketing industry. It hasn’t really been launched yet. While it will be in the market for the public soon, the tool has been tested by a lot of Chris’ students and online marketers who have shared their experiences through the 100K Shout Out reviews. Here’s a preview of the program through my in-depth 100K Shout Out review.

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What really is 100K Shout Out Program?

100K Shout Out is a program that includes training as well as tools that can help you earn money by promoting products and offers. Every brand needs more customers. This is why they are often looking for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and influencers who can promote their products. The program helps you connect the products and offers them to people who are looking for them.

To help you learn how to use the tool and how to identify the best products and offers, you will be taken through live training and you will also have access to a number of video tutorials as well as literature on the program that you can go through at your own pace. With the help of the course, you will eventually be able to set up a handful of websites that will soon become the source of a significant amount of income.

Course Title 100K Shout Out
Additional Benefit Ampifire Software with free credits
Creator Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz
Category High-Profit Affiliate Marketing Course + Content Amplification Engine
Price Currently Not Available
Official Website Click Here

Who should enroll in 100K Shout Out course?

The training details every aspect of online marketing that you will need to understand in order to establish a profitable business for yourself. This is why it is good for beginners as well as seasoned marketers. I personally found the entire training to be something so well-explained that I could have a 14-year old go through the training and get started with their business too. Delivered in plain English, this is a course good for anyone interested in earning money with low investment.

You can be a student, a professional, a business executive looking for a secondary source of income, a stay-at-home parent, or a retired person looking for extra income. The course will get you started right from scratch and help you set up a business without any capital investment except the money spent on buying the course.

For my 100K Shout Out review, I had access to the entire training program and all the products and bonuses. The course includes the following:

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“100K Shout Out” 6 week live training

The whole training program lasts for 6 weeks. During this time, you will be taken through the process of building, stacking, and scaling your profits with the amplification method.

First Week – You will immediately have access to a 2-hour training video and a walkthrough of the program. Once you purchase the program, you will have immediate access to the Ampifire tool.

Week 2 onwards – You will go through live training sessions in the form of webinars. You can ask questions and clarify any doubts about the program during these live sessions. I found these webinars to be very helpful. It is hosted by professionals who have been working on the system for a long time. They are very supportive and friendly and they always welcome questions and are willing to clear any doubts about the program.

Ampifire Enterprise Software Access

You will have access to the software immediately after completing your purchase. The walkthroughs and live training will help you get started on using the tool. This is the only amplification engine available right now. You will have exclusive access to the tool through the program and the setup fee has been waived.

​Ampifire Ultimate Profit Pack

The 100K Shout Program by Chris Munch will also include “Done for you” amp campaigns with which you can get started with earning money by setting up an amp campaign in just 6 minutes.

Done-For-You Authority Site

Even the websites will be easy to set up through the website templates, which are created to maximize sales and improve profits. This means that you do not need any tech skills to create a website or manage it.

Private “100K Shout Out” mastermind

Anyone who purchases the program will have access to the private 100K Shout Out Mastermind community where you will have access to best practices that can improve earnings. Through the community, you can get advice from people who have successfully used the program. I found this to be an excellent source of information, especially because it comes from people who have tried and tested the program extensively.

90 Day ROI Roadmap

The program will also introduce you to the ROI roadmap, which helps you pave the path to earning huge profits within 90 days.

Dedicated 24*7 Coach and Concierge

Lastly, the program includes round-the-clock support for all users. If you are stuck or you have questions or doubts, then you do not have to sleep over them. Even as a seasoned online marketer, I found myself asking lots of questions about the program, the content, and the distribution system. With a dedicated team supporting you all the time, this becomes a lot easier.

What is Ampifire Content Tool?

AmpiFire is a software platform created by Chris Munch which is known to be only all-in-one digital marketing software program of its kind. The tool will help users automate the entire digital marketing process. It will handle:

  • Content creation
  • Repurposing
  • Publication
  • Distribution
  • Syndication

Where I would otherwise spend hours trying to get a campaign started, I was able to complete the process on the tool in less than 15 minutes. Once my request is submitted into the tool I just have to wait for the tool to automatically get all the content ready and automatically advertise it through a large network of high-traffic distribution channels.

AmpiFire creates content in the form of videos, slides, articles, blogs, and news which are distributed on different sites. Every single piece of content created by AmpiFire has a link that will take the buyers to your website. You earn money every time a buyer clicks on a link and completes the purchase. Since the content is distributed across a range of websites the potential of earning is high.

I got it set up for my affiliate marketing business, and the earnings rolled in with the least effort that I had put into my campaigns ever.

How to setup?

Get started by setting up your websites. Once you have a handful of websites in place, you are all set to get the AmpiFire tool to start creating content that will lead users back to your website. The program will take you through a step-by-step process for everything, so you do not need any prior knowledge about marketing or about websites.

100K Shout Out by Chris Munch has a 2-step simple process for setting it all up.

Step 1: Pick the Products and offers from a list of proven offers

Having spent 5 years developing the tool and refining the process to keep it relevant, Chris Much provides you with the list of products and offers that you can start promoting. I found it extremely useful because I did not even have to worry about going out there and finding a product myself. Since the product list includes products that have been proven to be profitable, I did not even have to worry about guessing whether I will be able to earn through it or not. I was also glad to find out that the list goes through a basic vetting process. The products must meet the following criteria to be on the list:

  • Low competition
  • High-profit potential
  • High integrity

While the program includes a list of proven products and offers, users are not limited to choosing from this list only. In fact, users can pick their own products as well. Chris insists that the above criteria should be utilized when choosing a product so that you can make the most out of the program. It ensures that you earn more without having to juggle too many offers and by choosing high integrity websites, you can also feel good about the products you are marketing.

Step 2: Let AmpiFire do the marketing for you

Once you have chosen the products and offers you simply feed the details into AmpiFire. You will have to answer a few questions for AmpiFire to create your content. Then upload images that you would like to use in your content. The next step is to pick the right category for which the content is being created. This will help the tool define the right target audience. Then you enter your business details, which will be utilized for the submissions. Lastly, you publish it as a single submission or create an amp and fresh content will automatically be distributed every month.

The tool will start working on creating and distributing content for you. With every aspect of marketing efficiently handled by AmpiFire, I felt that the whole thing was very smooth sailing. I carefully chose my products and fed the details into the tool and I was all set. The software will take some time to create all the necessary content. Once this is completed, I just had to sit back and monitor the performance and check my earnings.

Some of the content it creates and the places it posts on are:

  • Advertisements in high traffic blogs
  • Blogs featured on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Slides created for platforms like Slideshare and LinkedIn
  • News articles posted on popular news websites also includes Google News
  • Videos created for video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Podcasts created for Buzzsprout and Podbean

Who is behind 100K Shout Out?

Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz

100K Shout course is the brainchild of Chris Munch. It has taken him over 5 years and a lot of money to build Ampifire. His work has been tested by several of his students as well as reviewers. All of the 100K Shout reviews reveal that the entire course was extremely insightful and the tool made it easy for them to get started.

Having been in the online marketing industry for a significant period of time, I personally feel that there was a lot more than even I uncovered through the course about online marketing. Additionally, Chris Munch 100K Shout Out is like one of those tools that can easily guide you through setting up a campaign with very little effort.

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100K Shout Out launch date

The 100K Shout program was launched on August 20, 2019. At this time the program has been used by a number of students and reviewers who had the chance to get an exclusive preview. Their experiences have been shared in the form of 100K Shout Out reviews.

What are the pros and cons of the 100K Shout Out course?


  • You don’t need any experience in online marketing

The training covers online marketing in a lot of detail. This will help you get started with using the program even if you do not have prior knowledge about online marketing.

  • You don’t need a product of your own

You will be provided with a list of products and offers that you can choose from. These have been proven to be capable of high profits, so it reduces the whole stress of guessing which product will be profitable and which one will not.

  • You don’t have to create your own content

Content creation is not just about effort and time; it also requires a lot of financial investment. If you hire good content writers, you will end up spending a lot of money on each article published to market your products. 100K Shout Out by Chris Munch takes away this problem and creates all the content and distributes it automatically for you.

  • Your purchase is 100% risk-free

You have the opportunity to request a refund within 60 days from the day of your purchase if you are not satisfied with the program.


  • It is not a get-rich-quick scheme

It is not meant to be treated as a program that will make you rich overnight. Even though the tool takes away a lot of hard work and time that would otherwise go into marketing a product or an offer, this is a tool that can help you set up a profitable business over a period of time.

100K Shout Out bonuses

The 100K shout out bonuses include:

  • $100K Shout Out Case Studies

You get the opportunity to learn about the program with the help of real case studies which can show areas where you can go wrong and the best practices which can maximize your profits. I personally found these to be very insightful.

  • One-to-One Strategy Session

Anyone who purchases the program will have access to coaches to provide you support on setting up your personal strategy to succeed with the program.

  • ​AmpiFire Live

The team of 100K Shout Out has also announced a live Acceleration Event which will be held in Barcelona, Spain on October 2nd and 3rd 2019. Those who purchase the program will get a free ticket to attend the event.

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

You will have access to a private community of people who have successfully used the program.

  • Weekly master class sessions

You can attend weekly webinars to help you through your strategies and to know more about the program.

  • Done for you presell pages

You will have access to “done-for-you” pages which help you get started with a website even if you do not have any prior experience of building a website.

Our Awesome Additional Bonuses

  • Instagram Monetization Checklist – Valued $67

Discover How To Monetize Your Instagram Account And Turn It Into A Sales Machine!

  • 30 Days to Build Your Bigger Email List – Valued $99

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  • Chatbot Marketing Mastery – Valued $74

Discover the very best tools for creating your own custom chatbot without any programming knowledge! With sites like Facebook and Kik opening their platforms to automated messaging for companies, chatbots have really exploded in popularity. Facebook went from zero chatbots in February 2016 to 18,000 by July of the same year.

  • Internet Marketing Metrics – Valued $58

Discover The 8 Most Important Metrics In Your Online Business So You Can Ensure You’ll Always Know What’s Working And What’s Not! You’ll Find Out The Tips, Techniques And Exact Steps To Take To Finally Get The Results You Deserve!

  • Six-Figure Blogging – Valued $39

Learn the secrets the pros use to build high-profit blogs every time and make real money!

  • Internet Marketing Lifestyle – Valued $127

Discover The EXACT Steps To Create The Ultimate Lifestyle Of FREEDOM As An Internet Marketer!

  • Pinterest for Business – Valued $89

Learn Why Pinterest Is Good for Generating Traffic!

  • Mastering and Marketing Online-Video-Made-Simple – Valued $118

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Videos Online!

Note: These Bonuses are worth $671 in total. It can be best used with100K Shoutout course to bring more revenue.

100K Shout Out price

100K Shout Out price is not available right now. The program has a total worth of $35,844.

Additionally, every time you create content through the AmpiFire tool, you will be required to have some credit on the tool. A single submission costs you 1 credit. If you set up AmpiFire to create fresh content automatically every month for a product or offer, then 1 credit will be deducted every month for creating new content. You will have to buy new credits to make sure that AmpiFire works smoothly.

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For this 100K Shout Out review, I had exclusive access to the AmpiFire tool and all the training. I was glad to find out that the training covered online marketing very effectively. It is designed to be simple and all jargons and methodologies used in online marketing are clearly explained so that beginners do not have any problems with the course.

The course in itself was very well-paced. I had the opportunity to apply the techniques discussed in the webinars and then get back to the coaches with questions and doubts about these techniques. There were a lot of marketing best practices discussed during these webinars and even the 24*7 support system happened to be of great help if I had questions about the program.

Ampifire is built to be a user-friendly tool. It does not complicate stuff and it does not require any technical knowledge to use the tool. The whole process of getting started with content creation is extremely basic. All you do is just answer a few questions and you are on your way to start earning through the program.

The program in itself may sound expensive. Given the fact, however, that you do not require any additional capital to start making money makes it a worthy investment. The opportunity of paying for the program in three easy installments can also be helpful for many aspiring users. Overall, I can conclude for my 100K Shout Out review that this is a product worth its price.


100K shout Out FAQ


Can I try it before I buy it?

You have the opportunity to make a 100% risk-free purchase. This gives you the time to trial the product for 60 days and if you are not happy or satisfied with it, then you can request a refund. Since the program is available in the form of online and downloadable media, you do not even have to worry about deductions like shipping and handling.

Can I choose my own products and offers instead of picking from the list given during the course?

Yes. You can choose your own products and offers. Chris Munch urges beginners to stick to the list of products and offers because they are proven to reap a good income. But if you already have a list of products and offers, then you can go ahead with promoting them through the AmpiFire tool as well. Chris lists out the criteria for choosing a product to help you ensure that you pick products which will improve your earnings even if the products are not from the list provided in the program.

What can I promote using Amplifier?

You can promote anything from eCommerce products to affiliate and CPA offers and any kind of digital and local business. This makes it possible to choose from a large list of products and offers.

How soon will I start earning?

Ideally, it takes 42 days for users to start making profits. This is not meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, it is designed to be a tool for people who are willing to put in time and effort into understanding the tool, tracking their campaigns, and checking the performance of their campaigns.

How much time will I have to give every day?

It is recommended that you take at least 2 hours every day to go through your campaigns or the performance of your websites. It should be treated like any other business which requires complete attention and proper tracking of your earnings and the campaigns you are running.

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