How to Create a Promo Video to Double Your Sales

We all know that competition is tough for any business so how do you stand out from the crowd? Marketing is the obvious answer but remember that people want to believe in something. This is especially true these days with so much content on the web so people have to find a way to differentiate. You can make this easier for your potential target customers with the right promo video although, its not just about making a fun video. You also need to create an effective promo video by knowing how to connect with your target customer at a deeper level.

Why A Promo Video can double your Sales

So, how do you connect to your potential customer? Youll first need to understand who they are and what they relate to and believe in. From there, youll be able to build a connection to the values your business stands for. Furthermore, video makers are easy to use such that you can create the perfect promo video with these key attributes:

Grabs attention


Content that can be shared

Grabs Attention

Video images tend to make people stop and look. You then have a few seconds, and up to a minute, before they either pull away or continue watching. Clearly, you shouldnt make a video that lasts longer than a few minutes. It doesnt have to be complicated though and even a simple explainer video can grab attention and help people understand how to best use your product or service.


How many people love watching cute kitten or dog videos? Theres a reason we love those. They make us feel happy and inspired that there is still some innocence in this world. Of course, not every business can simply include cats and dogs in their videos. Nevertheless, its worth considering how your product or service can inspire people.

Content that can be shared

The best part of an online video is that people can comment and share. In fact, through this trend, you can even create a culture from your followers. What better way to engage customers and create loyalty than to build an online tribe? The more you make a video that grabs attention and can easily be shared then the more likely people will send it on to other likeminded people.

How to Create the Best Promo Video

Design a story

Create video content

Choose a video template

Build the mood


Design a Story

Once you have a good sense of your target audience and how youre going to connect with them on an emotional level then you can get started and make videos. The first step though is to design your story. For instance, are you creating marketing based on a central character? Alternatively, do you want to make a simple explainer video? Whatever it is, make sure you have a strong story that connects to people.

Create Video Content

Now that you have your storys layout then you can think about what images are going to work. You can plan your ideal images and think about what you can film yourself which is then easy to then drag and drop into your video editor. Alternatively, you can review the library of templates on offer from your online video maker. Doing this might also give you some ideas if you’re stuck as to where to start.

Choose a Video Template

Many online video maker tools have a range of video templates. However, some, for example, specializes specifically in marketing content for business needs. Regardless of what you choose when you make a video, youll be able to edit and customize according to the features of your online video maker tool.

Build the Mood

Music is a great tool for creating the right ambiance to fit your story. Many online video maker tools have readily available music but you can also include your own. Youll then be able to download your final output with the perfect music to distribute through social media.


It doesnt matter how great your video is if no one gets to view it. Social media is an obvious place to start however dont forget your email contacts list. You might also want to create some buzz and do a proper video launch. This might help you build curiosity such that people share and talk about your video. Theres no better way to increase your following and potential customer base.

Final Thoughts on Using a Video Maker for your Business

Online videos are a powerful tool to market your business and reach out to a wider pool of potential customers. In general, we all feel more connected to images and theyre also much easier to process than text. To make the best promo video though, make sure you do some planning before you jump in. This will also help you choose the best video maker for you such that it fits your requirements. Finally, youll be able to download your video and send it out in no time at all.

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