Tasty and Healthy Fruit Juices for Summer

Summer is synonymous with scorching heat, and what could be the best way than a glass of cold healthy and tasty fruit juice to beat the heat. Fruit juices are the best blend of nutrients and antioxidants. It not only helps to strengthen the immunity system but also provides much-required energy. Also, it hydrates the body and saves one from bearing the brunt of sweltering heat. You can either buy canned fruit juices or can prepare them at home. Once which are naturally prepared, have less sugar and are comparatively healthier. Here we have enlisted some of the healthy fruit juices that are perfect for summer.

Best Healthy and Mouth-water juices for Summer:

1. Mixed Fruit Punch 

There could be nothing nutritious and tasty, and then a dose of all the fruits combined in a single glass. It would give you the benefit of all the fruits. Plus, it is packed with antioxidants that flush out all the toxins from the body. Not to forget, all the fruits are a natural source of sugar, so you do not have to add additional sugar. All you would need is all the diced fruits of your choice, sparkling cider, and seltzer for this recipe. Combine all the ingredients and blend them. Pour it into the tall glass and add a few ice cubes, and it is ready to drink.

2.  Tomato Juice 

Tomatoes are a perfect source of antioxidants that have an abundance of health benefits. They also reduce cancer risk and are packed with Vitamin C and K, potassium and folate. Get some ripe red tomatoes, ginger, sugar, salt, lemon juice, cardamom powder etc. Mix all the fruits and herbs and strain them in the glass. If you want, you can add a few crushed leaves of mint to it.

3. Melon Punch 

 Another fruit that can help you to beat the heat is melon. A slice of cold melon can give you relief from sweating summers. And its juice would be no less than icing on the cake. This is a beautiful recipe for kids and adults as it has a mix of fruits and vegetables. Also, it is a perfect juice for kids who do not like to have broccoli. All you would require for melon punch is watermelon, apple, lemon, beetroot, broccoli and cucumber and fennel bulb. Mix all the fruits and other ingredients, and that’s it. If you are running out of time, you can mix canned juices of apple, lemon and watermelon. You will find all these juices at online sites like Big Basket, Grofers, etc. Don’t forget to browse through Grofers or use BigBasket offers to get a good discount on your shopping. 

4. Scrumptious Orange Juice 

Oranges are packed with the goodness of Vitamin C. The nutrient is helpful for the skin and helps increase immunity, repairs body tissues, helps in collagen formation, and is good for bones and teeth. To make this juice, you would need carrots, oranges, grapefruits and beets. Give all your ingredients a nice mix, and voila, your orange juice is ready to drink. Beetroot will add a nice tint to the juice, making it appealing for the eyes as well.

5. Mango Juice 

How can we forget to add the king of fruits to our list of tasty fruits juices? While there would be hardly anyone who does like to mango shake but you know what?  You can prepare a yummy mango juice and refresh yourself. Besides mango, you can add carrots, apple, zucchini and fennel. Blend all the ingredients, and that is it. Your mango juice is ready. You can have it on a sunny evening or at breakfast.

6. Green Juice 

We cannot ignore the importance of green vegetables. They are a bundle of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, all good for health and the mind. You can also add a few herbs to it. Cucumber, spinach, lemon, green apples, parsley, and ginger are all you would need for this juice. You can have this juice in the morning or the evening after a long hectic day.

7. Grapes Juice

What could best be then a glass full of grape juice to fight with sultry afternoons? Also, this fruit juice will help you to reduce weight. Seedless grapes, lemon and sugar, is all that you would require. After blending all the ingredients, sieve the juice and drink it the way you like.


Fruit juices are a punch of nutrients backed by antioxidants that are good for the body and mind.  Also, they make a perfect drink to fight the scorching heat. From mango juice to mixed fruit juice, you can prepare many juices at home and relish their health benefits. 

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