Tuesday, 28 November 2023
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Top 7 Tourism Agencies Operating in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places to spend vacations. There are various tourist spots in Dubai. Each person can easily find their favourites tourism attraction in Dubai. This has helped Dubai emerge as one of the biggest tourist spots.

But planning a trip to Dubai may not be that simple. Fis you must get your visa application approved, and then make proper travelling and staying arrangements in Dubai. All that can prove to be hectic and can make fun out of the trip. To help you with it, various travelling agencies are offering their services. These agencies will help with your application, accommodation, Car Rental Dubaiand other essentials for the trip.

Here are the top 7 tourism agencies operating in Dubai:

Sharaf Travels

If you are looking for a fun-filled trip to Dubai this season, then look no further than Sharaf Travels. They will provide you with all the facilities that you may ask for on your trip to Dubai. Sharaf Travels all of your travel expenses for your trip, including the booking of flight, renting a room, and renting a car for you to use during your stay in Dubai.

The head office of the agency is located in Bur Dubai.

Green Apple Travel and Tourism Agency

Applying for a visa in Dubai can be a tedious task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the visa application rules. With Green Apple Travels, you can forget about that. The expert staff at the agency will not only guide you on how to fill out the application form but also ways that could fast-track your application. Green Apple has a long-standing reputation for helping travellers with all their visa-related needs.

The office of this firm is also located in Bur Dubai. You can visit them with any of your visa troubles or contact them online.

City One Tourism Agency

City one Tourism Agency provides travellers with complete freedom to develop their customized plan for travel and stay in Dubai. Based on your requirements, you will be guided regarding the best hotels, tourist spots and others, and you can choose how you want to spend time there.

This option is quite useful for frequent travellers who know what they want on their trip. For tourists visiting first-time Dubai, the agency also offers a wide range of pre-planned trips. The office of the agency is located in the Business Bay Area.

Al Tayer Travel Agency

If you are looking for affordable travel plans for Dubai, then this is your place. Agency offers a wide range of travel packers based on the budget of the travellers. Each package is designed carefully that the fun of the trip does not get hurt by a cut in costs. The agency also provides you with Rental Car Services saving you from the trouble of searching for a rental car agency.

The customer information office of the agency is held in Deira Dubai.

Cox and Kings Travel Agency

This agency is among the new and emerging travel agencies in Dubai. In only a short time, the agency has managed to establish a place in the market. The advantage of dealing with Cox and Kings is that they are currently operating in 13 countries. That makes it easier for you to visit their office for guidance.

The agency is dedicated to making your stay in Dubai as pleasant as possible. It is the ideal choice for group tours. The Dubai Branch office is held in Bur Dubai.

Dnata Travels

Dnata travels is exceptional when it comes to customer service. The agency representative will be available throughout the day to handle all kinds of problems that the person saying there might face.

The agency offers a wide range of travel packages. The charges of each package vary with the place of departure. With Dnata Travels, you can rest assured that you will always be getting the best travel deal.

The office of Dnata travels is located in Business Bay Dubai. You will always find their representative ready to help and guide you for your trip to Dubai.

UTravel Agency

UTravel agency is the best solution if you want a stress-free trip. The agency will handle all of your tasks for the duration of your stay in Dubai, including finding the best hotels to stay, best rental car agencies to travel and best tourist spots to visit. You will be only burdened to have fun on the trip. If you plan to stay for a long time, the agency will also help you find the best Cheap Rent A Car Dubai agency as well. Their office is present in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai.


When you are dealing with these agencies, you will always get the best facilities and the best budget packages. So, contact one of them to have a great time in Dubai

William Smith