Embracing the Benefits of eLearning at a Virtual High School

For most North American students, 2021 has ushered in a new normal, consisting of a great number of changes to how they live and how they learn. When it comes to education, especially at the high school level, many students are struggling to keep up with the changing realities of how they are expected to study, especially since most are dealing with online learning for the first time. Learning from home is a much different experience from the traditional classroom, and some students struggle to find their rhythm.

How Not to Fall Behind

Many states and provinces are only barely pulling together an online curriculum, which means many students are experiencing gaps in their learning. If you are a concerned parent, you should consider enrolling your child in an online school, especially since many of these institutions have been perfecting the art of online learning for over 10 years while traditional day schools have only just begun migrating over to an online setting in the last year.

Why Online?

It’s very important that students do not fall behind in their high school studies, as this will leave them poorly prepared for university applications once the pandemic subsides and things returned to normal.

Virtual study is often the best option for students as it allows them to study at their own pace, which is very important during a period of adjustment such as this one. When studying from home, there is a massive adjustment period, and when students know they can take as long as a year to finish a particularly tricky high school class, they retain the confidence to stay on track.

To make up for some of the slower classes they may need extra time completing, they can also speed through subjects that they find a lot easier — often in as few as four weeks.

Students will need to get used to dining room tables and bedroom desks replacing a typical classroom setting, but moving from in-class learning to pre-recorded lessons and digital office hours with teachers offers its fair share of benefits.

The right virtual high school will focus on student success by:

⦁ Providing students with a more flexible window to produce assignments and complete courses, allowing them to customize their educational pathway.

⦁ Updating lessons online, keeping up with changing curricula

⦁ Returning assignments and tests to students within 48 hours, making sure that the communication process and student and teacher is as robust as possible

Education experts will also tell you that eLearning fosters important soft skills that aren’t always being addressed in the core high school curriculum. Learning online, and being directly responsible for a schedule and assignments helps to instill a sense of initiative, time management, and self-reliance — skills that will be valuable as students transition into university, college, or the workforce.

Find a School that Keeps Students Accountable

While there will be robust teacher and guidance support in place, eLearning nevertheless encourages students to follow instructions with minimal teacher supervision, manage their time and prioritize tasks as necessary, devise study plans to complete tasks, and stay motivated as they move from task to task, and class to class.

Any student looking to stay on track during the unique challenges of the pandemic should consider a virtual high school to help them master the necessary skills for the next stages of their lives.

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