Singapore Betting Guide

Online betting is legal in Singapore but only if you bet with the state-owned Singapore Pools. However, many Singaporean may not know how to place sports betting with international bookmakers. In this guide we will take through the legality of betting in Singapore, how to get the best bookmakers, the odd sports on and the odd formats applicable in Singapore.

We will also discuss how to make deposits and withdrawals with international sites and mobile betting in Singapore.

The Legality of Online Betting in Singapore

In 2016, the Singapore government banned all online betting but allows the state-owned gambling company Singapore pools to continue offering online sports betting.

Besides, it also offers lottery services.  It has retail shops at different locations in Singapore, hence bettors can go into the shop to place their bet or bet online. To bet online, Singapore Pools only accept players that are at least 21 years of age.

However, you can use VPN services to hide your network and avoid being tracked down. Although this action remains illegal, it has been working well for Singapore gamblers since online betting was banned in the country and there is nothing to indicate that it will not continue to be a viable option.

Where to Bet

The legal place to go if you want to place online sports betting in Singapore is Singapore Pools. However, because many foreign sites have a more attractive option than the state-owned company, many Singaporean have created more options for themselves. Today, many international betting sites allow Singaporean.

The idea of playing at foreign sites becomes lucrative as foreign sites allow players from the age of 18, unlike the local site that only allows players above 21. Also, foreign sites offer more than three sports that are available at the Singapore Pools. In most cases, the odds available on foreign sites are better than what Singapore Pools offers, and there are also better welcome bonuses and reload bonuses on offer at international sites.

However, not all international sites accept players from Singapore, and among those that accept Singaporean, not all of them are safe to gamble with. Hence you must consider many important factors before you choose a foreign betting site to play with.

Best Foreign Sportsbooks That Accept Players From Singapore

The best foreign sportsbook for Singapore players have the following features:

●      Legality

Never bet with a betting site that is not licensed under a regulated authority. Therefore, check the license of the website before registering with it. The best betting websites that accept players from Singapore are duly registered under a well-regulated jurisdiction.

●      Variety of Banking Options

The ease of deposit and withdrawal is essential in betting. Hence the best websites that allow players from Singapore have a wide variety of banking options that suits people in Singapore.

●      Betting Offers

One of the reasons Singaporeans want to play with a foreign site is because there is a limited offer from the local site. Hence the best foreign sites for Singapore players must have a wide variety of offers to make a difference.

●      Good Odds

The odd is important to all bettors. The website must offer better odds than what is applicable locally to attract Singapore players. Hence many foreign websites have good and attractive odds. Make sure you compare the odds before choosing the right foreign website to register with.

●      Mobile Betting

Many Singaporean will prefer to bet on the go, hence most of the foreign sites that accept players from Singapore have mobile sites.

Singapore Betting Offers

If you are to bet with the state-owned Bookmaker then there are only sports on offer. You can bet on horse racing, Football, and motorsports. However, betting on sports like cricket and basketball is popular in Singapore, hence the majority of the citizens will only register with online sites that offer these options. Other favorite sports of Singaporeans include rugby and badminton.

Singapore Odd Formats

If you want to bet in Singapore then it is essential that you understand the betting odds format commonly in use in the country. The default odd format of the country’s betting site is the European style which uses decimal. However, you can always change the format to your preferred format. Most of the foreign sites that accept Singapore players also use the decimal format as the default format or at least make it part of the available options.

Singapore Banking Options

For a Singapore player that wants to bet with a foreign site, banking is an important factor to consider. Most of the foreign sites that accept Singapore players ensure they have banking options that are comfortable for the citizens of the country. Among the most popular banking methods is through bank cards. Singapore banks allow their cards to be used for deposits or withdrawals at betting sites. Apart from bank cards, players can also make financial transactions through various e-wallet services like Skrill and EcoPayz.


Although only one company is allowed to operate online sports betting in Singapore many of the citizens are playing with foreign websites. To do this you must be above the age of 18, identify the best online sports betting sites that accept Singapore players, compare their odds and sports that are offered. You must also consider the bonus the sites offer and their banking options.  Then you can successfully enjoy your betting section without being restricted to only one local site.

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