5 Mistakes Weightlifters Make When Trying To Build Muscle

Weight training can be an effective solution to bulking up and getting stronger. But it can also lead to fatal results especially amongst novice weightlifters if they don’t do the right thing. Today we are going to take a look at some of the gravest mistakes which can cause serious injury.

Working With Too Much Wight

Novice weightlifters often try proving their strength by taking up more weight than what they can actually sustain. This happens especially when they work out with professional bodybuilders who are pumping out multiple reps at extreme weights. But this kind of competition can prove to be very unhealthy for the newbies who need to actually curb their ego and develop efficient muscle growth by learning the proper form of weight lifting. Improper techniques can actually stall your muscle growth if you belong to a young age group. In such cases, the growth plates still remain active and might close early on lifting heavy weights.

Excess Training

We understand that getting into shape can be an extremely exciting journey. But this often causes weightlifters to overtrain during the initial days. They rarely take any day off and stay for prolonged stretches in the gym. Whereas in reality less is usually more when it comes to weight training as our muscles grow while we rest. The muscle tissue tears while lifting weights and repairs while we are resting. This is why rest days are a priority for weight lifters who need to follow a routine to keep their days straight. Inside Bodybuilding, a health clinic for bodybuilders, adds: “Overtraining is grossly exaggerated in bodybuilding for natural athletes, who often can go well beyond the threshold of training a single muscle group for 1-2x per week without entering a catabolic (muscle-wasting) state”.

Working On The Same Muscle Set Regularly

Flexing your pumped biceps in the mirror might make you feel very accomplished but working on mirror muscles won’t get you very far. This is why you need to work on a wide muscle group over a prolonged time period. Hitting the gym five days a week and performing just bicep curls will lead to counterproductive results and injury over the long run. This is why it is advisable to engage in overall body workouts. You can segregate days against your muscle groups and pair up related muscles like your triceps and chest exercise simultaneously. If you work on your shoulders and biceps on Monday, then Tuesday needs to be focused on your legs as your arm tissues repair and grow.

Not Warming Up

Lifting weights is just like other physical activities and should be started with a warm up session. This doesn’t just include some rounds of toe-touches. Rather it inculcates a comprehensive routine of dynamic movement, stretches and running. Your main aim here is to make your muscles ready to bear the heavy burden of weight training. Doing this ensures a comfortable weight lifting experience while minimizing all chances of injury. You should seek out expert guidance on a proper warm-up routine and follow the same on a regular basis.


If you lift a weight which is too heavy for you but continue with the same while sacrificing form along the way, then you are cheating your ultimate health objectives. This is a common sight at all gyms wherein novice weightlifters bounce the bar off their chest during benching and throw their elbows forward during bicep curls. Apart from limiting the gains, this can also cause grievous injury in the long run.

Not Keeping Track Of Your Progress

As you continue progressing along the weight lifting journey, it becomes imperative to keep track of the same. Suppose you had started off with leg-pressing 150 pounds and have presently reached 300 pounds, then you need to keep note of the increases and the exact dates when you reached your goals. Maintaining a proper journal ensures that you are going in the right path by removing all doubts from the way.

Starving Yourself For Losing Flab

Starving can lead to muscle loss over time which can ultimately derail you from your ultimate health objectives. Carbohydrates hold an essential part of all diets since it fuels up your body to take up newer challenges. Without your carbohydrate reserve, your body will simply end up using other sources and this will cause you to become fatigued very easily.


At the end of the day, you need to remember that nothing happens overnight and you should keep your spirits high during this whole journey of gaining your dream physique.


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