Local SEO Have you heard of this strategy? Learn how to apply it here!

Local SEO: How to make search results be seen especially for the country where I reside?

Many entrepreneurs and business owners still don’t know the advantages of claiming their location in Google content. My business brings so many advantages.

Did you know that only 44% of online businesses have claimed it, without a doubt, they are not aware of the benefits of this tool.

Luckily we have compiled this information to help you with it. Are you ready to boost your business to another level?

SEO has completely revolutionized the online market and the publication of content on search engines, so should you apply it to your business?

Keep in mind that if you want to guarantee much more traffic (which generates endless possible online sales) it is important to apply SEO and local SEO strategies online.

Local SEO services in Lithuania Digital Star.

What is local SEO and how do I apply it to my website?

Local SEO is a basic and simple strategy, if you have a physical business that has its own web page on Google, you can increase your rankings by a lot!

Basically, it is establishing your business as yours and depending on where you are located, Google will section your most likely audience.

What does this mean? Let’s take a simple example, you have a car repair store in Malaga, Spain, and it has a website, where you constantly publish seo content.

If you link your accounts, every person in Malaga looking for something related to bicycles, will come across your page.

This is ideal for people who have a physical business, this way it is much easier for them than anyone who wants to buy or find a store near where they are.

But for this, it is essential that you handle perfectly Google My Business, an ideal application to publish your business online, and quickly find traffic to your website.

It is quite simple to program and keep in mind that here also requires the use of keywords, counting with an online business you can reach positions such as snack pack results.

Do you know them? If your answer is no, we present them to you below!

These results are usually presented in the mobile versions of Google, keep in mind that if you are on the street and want to have a coffee, an organic result will not do you much good.

And this is the big difference between conventional SEO and Local SEO. Now keep in mind that it is much more beneficial to find positioned both in snack pack results than in organic ones.

How do we configure our content to mobile devices to make Local SEO much more effective?

First, we must configure from Google Mobile Friendly a tool that makes our website much more attractive online.

But on the other hand, the impression is important to build trust between the buyer and the seller, so we recommend that the design of your page should be phenomenal.

This way, you will increase your sales quickly, just by applying a few clicks in the configuration of your online site.

It will take you less than 10 minutes to set up your domain with Google Mobile Friendly. Another ideal way to gain even more visits and positioning is to place images of your business in the snack pack results.

Before uploading them, remember to save the link with the format of your keyword, for example:

If your keyword is online bicycles, choose an attractive image and save it with that name, keep in mind that when you publish this content, Google will do the rest work, positioning also the images you publish.

Just like a text, the images must be completely original, this way, Google will not penalize them and you will avoid the risk of having your page closed.

Ranking in Google requires some work, but with simple tricks like this you can make a big difference in the traffic your website gets online.

And of course, the better the content and appearance of a website, the more relevant it can be to the public and to a browser.

Apply local SEO in your company and make a difference!

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