Advanced Direct Technology Wireless Thermal Label Printing

Printing is a process of text or image production through using master form or templates. Printing technology is a key role in developing the scientific revolution and based upon modern knowledge and spread learning to the masses.  There are various forms of printers available in the market such as home inkjet printers, LED printers, thermal printers, laser printers, dot matrix printers, 3D printers, etc.

Thermal printing is a digital printing process that creates a printed picture by heating-coated thermal paper which is also known as thermo chromic paper. The printed image is produced when paper passes from the thermal print head and it produces a black coating due to heat.  Thermal label printers, unlike other printing types, do not use toner or ink. It depends upon thermal papers for image production. They are also involved in creating labels depending on printing speed.

Thermal printers use got needles that mark the impression thermally on heat-sensitive paper. When roll paper passes over the thermal printer head, then images are produced in any color especially in black color by using different temperature wavelengths. For printing purposes, papers are inserted between the roller and print head. The printer sends signals to the thermal head electrically and text or images are formed. When paper becomes heated, thermo sensitive paper changes the color.

Unlike old printers in which we place ink and toner in the cartridge, wireless label printer use tape cartridges. These tape cartridges are inserted into the printing machine and there is present waxy material in the cartridges. The heat produced from the thermal label printer causes the transfer of this waxy material to the heat-sensitive paper. Wireless thermal label printers have a large capacity for continuous printing. It completes various continuous printing processes within one operation.

A thermal consist of the following three main parts:

  1. Thermal head: the thermal head generates heat
  2. Platen: it is a roller made of rubber. It helps to feed the paper in the printer
  3. Spring: the spring exerts pressure on the thermal head. This pressure causes the thermal head to contract to the thermo sensitive paper.

The wireless thermal label printer is a new technology of thermal printers. Due to speed, quality of the print, and advancement of technology it has become very popular among every aspect of life. It is mostly used in the banking, grocery, airline, retail, healthcare, and entertainment industries. Every organization needs label printing for the generation of bar codes and coupons. In shopping malls even in small grocery stores use label printers for the generation of bills within seconds. It is easy to use and a wireless connection is more convenient to use as it requires no long-distance cable connections. You can connect these printers to your android or iOS through a Bluetooth connection and enter the command and get your printout within no time.

There are many advantages of wireless thermal label printers:

  • Due to the wireless connection and Bluetooth connections, this thermal label printer supports long-distance printing.
  • There is no need for ink, ribbons, toners, or cartridges. It works directly thermally. An organization can save some investment by the use of thermal printers
  • There are fewer buttons and software use involved. Therefore thermal label printers are easy to use.
  • It can generate high-quality designs and logos with maximum speed.
  • They have excellent print quality
  • We can print quality coupons and barcodes through the use of wireless label printers
  • In comparison to other forms of printers, a thermal wireless label printer is faster and more efficient in printing monochromic.
  • Wireless label printers are inexpensive and available in different models and sizes
  • Bluetooth label printers are easily transportable due to their lightweight
  • Wireless thermal label printers are easy to store due to the variety of sizes.
  • This printer is suitable for the office as it is well known in a noise-free environment.
  • As compared to other printers it is more durable.

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