How Covid Has Forced Us To Make Our Home Offices Healthier

You may have heard the phrase, ‘sitting is the new smoking’. While it’s possibly a little dramatic to suggest that sitting while working has anywhere near the negative side effects of smoking, there does appear to be some negatives. In this age of COVID where we’re all cooped up inside our homes, going from sitting at a desk (if we’re lucky to have room for that!), to sitting on the couch, to then going straight to bed, are we causing issues to our health? If we are, what are some of the ways we can combat this and avoid becoming unhealthy couch potatoes?

One of the obvious options is to go out and get some exercise. But again, with the current climate our options here are limited. Maybe you can go to the gym with a mask one and feel comfortable, maybe the idea of that can give you a bit of anxiety. Going for a run is the next best option, but the weather makes that difficult too.

Many people have been opting for the home gym setup, no wonder sales of this gear have gone through the roof in recent months. But one of the other ways we can burn some calories and get rid of that stagnant energy is simply to stand while we work. The stand up desk phenomenon has caught on around the world in many commercial setting, but is now becoming more and more common in peoples home offices. Since COVID struck, we’ve all had to adapt and turn our homes into offices where we can. This is a trend that isn’t likely to stop any time soon and will most likely change the way we live and work into the future.

The health benefits of sit stand desks are starting to become more apparent. It’s better for your back, engaging your core and associated muscles throughout the day also burns more calories. While you’re in an active state, we tend to be more alert and our mind feels a little less foggy. We all know the feeling at about 3 or 4pm when we’re starting to slow down. Standing while working, strangely enough can help you combat this and feel more energetic throughout the day. Strangely enough, over 60% of people questioned about their sit stand work methods responded by confirming they felt more efficient while standing. There are correlations in our minds between standing and getting work done apparently!

The list of benefits from standing up while working continues to grow as it becomes more and more common. So if you’re looking for new ways to improve the way you live and work, you can have a think about getting active while you work. You can grab a pretty cheap kid made up of ergonomic foot pads, which are comfortable on your feet and force you to use balancing muscles. Then you may need a stand up desk to be able to work properly at an elevated height. Hopefully this will allow you to work at home a little more efficiently, a little more happily and a little more healthily.


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