It’s always sunny in Croatia

Bird view on anchorage with crystal clear water and some sailing and fishing boats

I feel a smooth breeze on my body. I’m listening to whispers of the sea and sipping juice from a glass. Waves are splashing against the boarside. I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. There is a beautiful, crystal clear sea around me…

I can hear the silent, steady sound of the yacht engine. I take a look at the near rocky cape — it’s breathtaking view. A small fishing boat shows up from behind it. It glides along the bay calmly, without rush. Croatian man dressed in blue is leaning against the railing and greets us by waving his hand. I guess he will probably moor in the next bay in a moment. There is a lovely pub – it’s names is Marko. They sell delicious fresh fish from that boat — I know that for a fact because I’m there every single evening. They also have amazing wine from the private vineyard which belongs to the pub’s owner. Rucatac strain. It is perfect. We plan to take a bath and later go for dinner.

Croatian summer

The hottest months in Croatia are July and August. The temperatures can reach forty degrees. The sunbathing season starts in early June and ends in September. Average sun hours equals ten for most of the time. Even in the middle of the top of sailing season, weather is pleasant because of winds and breeze. The sea has perfect temperature, around 20 degrees, in seasons peak.

Culinary sensation in autumn

Autumn is the time of grapes and pomegranates. Croatians also serve amazing, freshly harvested almonds. During that time they harvest olives. There aren’t as many tourists as in the middle of summer. Yacht charter prices are lower. In September, the sea temperature still reaches as high as 25 degrees in some areas. October is quite colder – the air temperature is 20 degrees. The sea cools down a little. It’s a great opportunity for sightseeing without congestion. The Adriatic coast offers tons of attractions which makes a yacht cruise even a bigger adventure. Filmmakers know that very well – that’s why they’ve picked Dubrovnik for scenery for  Game of Thrones shooting. Late autumn often brings harder sailing conditions. Without experienced crew it is better not to sail there then.

Signs of the spring

In Croatia spring starts in April. It’s a good idea to visit national parks around that time because everything turns green.You can visit Kornati, Brion Islands and Mljet on a yacht. You can also sail to Skradin and visit the Krka National Park. During spring there aren’t many visitors. Walking among the Skradin waterfalls can be a really relaxing and memorable way of spending free time. The average air temperature in April is 17 degrees. In May, it get’s hotter, up to 23 degrees. The water also slowly heats up and prices aren’t high.

The Adriatic Sea in winter

In January and February temperatures oscillate around 13-15 degrees. For those who love cold seas, it is too warm of course, but for the rest of the world it can be okay. Only thing you have to remember about is weather breakdowns which can happen pretty often and hard sailing conditions, only for experienced sailors. The advantage of a winter trip to Croatia is the lower price of a yacht charter.

Croatian Adriatic is very popular among the lovers of yachting (and motorboats too!) for many reasons. You can spot tourists there any time of year. It’s diverse, full of possibilities and, what’s most important, always excellent for vacation.

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