Eric Dalius provides guidelines for setting up the business remotely

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, remote work has experienced a lot of attention. Around 70% of employees, all across the world, are operating from their homes. They are permitted to work from remote areas. The work from home trend is the need of the hour. As a result, employees and employers have started accommodating remote work during Covid-19. Since business activities ceased to exist, the employees have to work from different corners of the world. Surveys reveal that around 70% of employers expect their workers to work from home. It will ensure continuity in work processes.

Employees have understood the taste of how it feels to work away from the office. Many of them are satisfied with their situation. However, as a manager and business owner, handing the employee a desktop is not sufficient. They must formulate procedures and policies which serve as guidelines for remote working situations. It ensures that each individual meets their expectations. Hence, it is imperative to understand a remote employee’s real meaning and how to handle different aspects of remote workers.

Eric Dalius stresses the real meaning of remote employees

Since 2005 remote workers have seen an increase in numbers. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, there were remote workers all across the world. These workers belong to different industries like healthcare, education, sales, and customer service. The conventional definition of remote employees includes the individuals who perform their job from any location other than the established office. It may be because of companies’ policies. Keep in mind that there are different types of remote employees working all across the globe. There are also partially remote employees, occasional employees, and digital nomads.

  • Completely remote workers: As the name suggests, the completely distant workers are those individuals who work in a region other than their offices. It may not be home always. These individuals may rent an office or desk in a proper location away from the company’s office. They may also work from home depending upon their condition, and the field sales representatives are a positive example of this. Companies that make provisions for this kind of employee usually focus on specific talent outside their radius. They hire people in different cities as well as countries. Moreover, they provide employment opportunities to individuals from diverse locations.
  • Partially remote workers: The second type of remote workers spends three to four days working remotely. On other days they work from the company’s office. It is because the job does not require the individual to be physically present within the premises. Since communicating each day becomes difficult for them, they only visit the office on alternate days. It all depends upon the company’s policies and their approach. Here, the business entrepreneurs provide their employees with a “hot desk” situation. It is a desk that gets shared between employees having similar work arrangements.

Some basic differences between work from home and remote employees

 Many people feel that work from home is remote work. Since they work away from the office, they get termed as individuals who fall within remote workers’ ambit. However, the reality is far from this. The work from home situation involves occasional or temporary circumstances. At the same time, remote workers are permanent employees who work from a distinct area. The real difference between the two is that work from home is from the residence, while remote work may be from any location. The second category includes individuals living far away from the business firm who have set up home officers for performing the tasks.

Top reasons for switching to a remote job

The spread of the pandemic has necessitated people to switch to remote work. If companies did not make use of this option, they would have to shut down. It has emerged as a quick solution to their problems. It ensures their survival amid the pandemic. As a result, millions of business ventures have started remote work programs. They provided their employees with laptops and desktops, and other types of equipment for remaining remotely available. For various companies, this transition was easy. According to Eric Dalius, they had different technologies and policies for catering to their remote workers. There are numerous benefits associated with distant working programs. It is beneficial for both employers as well as employees. Take a quick glimpse at the following points to understand the foreign working program:

  • It ensures more productivity from employees: Recent surveys revealed that remote workers had outperformed other workers. It is a scene during the pandemic. Those individuals who work remotely are more productive at their residence than they were at their offices. They can control the environment; hence they focus their attention on the work. There are fewer disruptions that enable them to concentrate on their job.
  • Happy employees: Along with production, remote employees enjoy their job very much. Recent surveys have discovered that around 80% of employees are in favor of working from remote locations. It makes them feel satisfied and trusted. Also, it improves their work-life balance as it makes them more engaged in the business venture. Hence, it ensures their physical and mental health and their good wellbeing.

It comes without saying that remote workplace has gradually started taking the place of offices. These days companies are hiring remote employees through wider networks. They are hiring individuals from different countries and cities without compelling them to move.

It has now emerged as a recent trend. It has enabled the employees to balance their responsibilities with their work commitments. Also, it expanded workforce diversity and ensured higher profit margins. Employees these days claim time and money and are more satisfied with their work commitments. Remote work helps in saving money for both the employees and employers.

The increased happiness and job satisfaction that the employees get results in increased productivity in the business venture. Hence, it has emerged as a solution to the challenges put forward during the pandemic. It has become imperative for entrepreneurs to utilize remote working opportunities to grow their business ventures.

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