Ultra Zoom Reviews – New monocular on the market

What is Ultra Zoom?

Ultra Zoom is a special monocular. Unlike binoculars, it only has a viewing window. If you hold the Ultra Zoom in front of your eye, you can achieve up to 300 times better magnification than with a conventional telescope, according to the provider. However, you can use the Ultra Zoom not only as binoculars. According to the provider, it can also be combined with your smartphone. This makes it possible to take videos and photos with the Ultra Zoom even from a long distance – and according to the manufacturer, without any great loss of image quality.

What are the Ultra Zoom quality features?

The actual quality of the monocular can only be guessed from the product details and the published reviews. Certificates or seals are not yet given on the official website of the provider.

However, the provider pays attention to the security of customer data and transmits your personal data in encrypted form during the order process. This encryption is ensured by McAfee SECURE, TRUSTe and Norton. In addition, the provider explains in its FAQs whether and how your personal data will be used. Furthermore, payment for the Ultra Zoom is always made by credit card – so you don’t have to enter any sensitive account data in the order form. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Ultra Zoom rating and recommendation

The technical details of the Ultra Zoom sound very promising. According to the manufacturer, the monocular has a magnification of 10-300X, the BAK-S1 prism type with the BAK-S1-Prims prism system and a field of view of 110 metres / 914.4 metres. All in all, this is a very powerful monocular that you can use not only as a telescope, but also for taking photos and shooting videos with your smartphone. According to the manufacturer, the Ultra Zoom is compatible with almost all smartphones available on the market. The objective lens has an FMC coating. Overall, the monocular is 20 centimetres long and weighs 500 grams. This makes it easy to stow away in a backpack or handbag.

Thanks to the 3D tripod gyroscope, the monocular can be stabilised. This is supposed to make looking through the eyepiece as well as filming and taking photos particularly comfortable and uncomplicated. If you are out and about at night and want to look into the distance or take special pictures, you can use the monocular’s night vision function. Especially when taking pictures in nature, it is also an advantage that the Ultra Zoom is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, according to the supplier. All in all, judging by the manufacturer’s specifications, this is a thoroughly solid product that allows you to take high-quality photos and videos even from a greater distance. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Information on the subject of monoculars

A monocular is a type of binocular suitable for viewing an object or scenery with only one eye. The counterpart to this, with which objects can be viewed with both eyes, are so-called binoculars. The monocular consists of an objective lens, a Schmidt-Pechan inverse prism and an ocular lens. There are monoculars that are used for long-distance observation – for example, in animal observation or landscape photography. There are also monoculars that are used for close-up observation – of jewellery, for example. Monoculars used for distance observation include astronomical and terrestrial telescopes as well as reflecting telescopes, one-eyed binoculars, spotting scopes and theodolites. Monoculars for magnified close-up observation include refractometers or light microscopes.

Ultra Zoom opinions

Numerous users of the Ultra Zoom have already shared their experiences with the monocular online. It is noticeable that the reviews are very positive. Reviewers report that the Ultra Zoom works very well for close-ups and produces a bright and sharp image right to the edges. The alignment of the image is very uncomplicated thanks to the smooth running of the focusing mechanism. The fact that the magnification is infinitely variable is also rated positively. Some users strongly recommend the monocular – also because it offers the same quality as much higher-priced models.

Depending on the type, monoculars are used for observing animals and for photography. Some special hand monoculars, on the other hand, serve as an optical visual aid for people with visual impairments. This enables them to read small print or recognise street signs.

Depending on the type, a monocular is therefore suitable for anyone who likes to observe or even extensively study their surroundings or individual objects. The special photo monoculars are particularly suitable for

The monocular is suitable for people who not only want to make observations, but also want to record them in pictures or videos.

You can buy monoculars in various designs at most well-known electrical stores that also stock photography accessories, as well as at other wholesalers – including online retailers. The prices of monoculars can vary greatly. Cheap specimens often cost less than ten euros. For hobby observers, however, a somewhat more expensive model should be considered. For high-quality pictures and images, you usually have to spend more than 100 euros – but you can also make a real fortune online. You can get excellent quality for far less money.

Monocular binoculars are still particularly popular. They are particularly small and handy and can therefore be easily transported. The magnification of these small devices is nevertheless suitable for observing things in the distance – but often the magnification is not so good that the monocular is suitable for longer observations. In this case, a spotting scope is usually the better choice. It allows high magnification and is therefore also well suited for longer observations. In addition, most spotting scopes have various additional features – for example, they are waterproof and dustproof. The only disadvantage is that you usually need a tripod to use a spotting scope. In poor light conditions, it is often worth carrying a monocular as a night vision device. However, you should bear in mind that without an infrared illuminator, the device cannot be used in complete darkness. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Warum brauche ich dieses Monokular?

The Ultra Zoom can be used by almost anyone, as it can be used as a telescope without a smartphone. Smartphone users who want to use the Ultra Zoom for creating videos and taking photos should make sure that the monocular is also suitable for their smartphone model before buying it. The Ultra Zoom is really useful if you are often out in nature or travelling to take beautiful pictures and videos of your surroundings. Because the monocular is relatively small and very light, you can easily take it with you when hiking and camping, mountain climbing or bird watching. Even on a city tour, the Ultra Zoom won’t get in the way and you can take stunning photos with urban flair. According to the supplier, the monocular is also suitable for monitoring people or animals. It can be used as binoculars as well as a tripod and photo lens, making it the perfect tool for private detectives.

Known FAQ about this product

Q: Is the Ultra Zoom compatible with my smartphone?

A: According to the supplier, the Ultra Zoom is suitable for the following and some other smartphones:

  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8 plus, 8, 7 plus, 7, 6, 6s, 6plus, 5, 5s, 4s, SE.
  • Samsung GALAXY S10, S10+, S9, S9+, S8, S6, S6 Edge, S5, Note
  • LG
  • HTV
  • Sony

Q: Can I use the Ultra Zoom without a smartphone?

A: Yes. The monocular is a kind of telescope through which you can see with the naked eye, according to the provider. However, you need a smartphone to take photos and videos with the Ultra Zoom.

Q: Is the Ultra Zoom suitable for people who need to see long distances?

A: According to the supplier, since the device only has a viewing window, it can also be used by people whose eyes have problems focusing.

Q: When will my Ultra Zoom be delivered?

A: According to the supplier, the delivery time for the device is a maximum of 21 days. For customers located in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China and the US, the Ultra Zoom is usually received within ten to 15 days. Customers located in Portugal, Latin America, Africa and Asia should expect a delivery time of between 15 and 30 days.

Q: Where is my order now?

A: If you want to know how long it will take for your Ultra Zoom to arrive at your home, you can enter your TRD order number in a form provided by the supplier. This can be found in the top left-hand corner of your invoice. This way you can request information about the current location of your order. In addition, within 48 to 72 hours of placing your order, you will receive an email containing the necessary tracking information. Please note that it can take between three and seven days for the carriers to activate tracking.

Q: Can I change my order or delivery address afterwards?

A: In principle, it is possible to request a change of address within the first twelve hours after sending the order. After the period of twelve hours has expired, your order is usually already being processed, according to the provider. A change is then no longer possible. It is therefore important that any changes to the order or delivery address are made as soon as possible – ideally on the same day.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: If you wish to cancel your order, you should also do so within the first 12 hours of placing your order. After the 12-hour period, your order is already being processed, according to the supplier, and therefore cannot be cancelled.

Q: How can I pay for Ultra Zoom?

A: The monocular device is offered by EcomerzPro, which offers the payment methods PayPal and credit card. However, for the Ultra Zoom, payment via credit card is currently only possible.

Q: Why do I have to pay customs duties on my Ultra Zoom?

A: Since the monocular device is not shipped from Germany to your home, you may be contacted by customs and they may charge you a certain customs fee. The supplier of the Ultra Zoom states that they have no control over who has to pay customs duty on their order. He also recommends that you pay the customs duty due. A photo of the paid invoice can be sent to the supplier. The latter states that he will refund the corresponding amount.

Q: Will the data I entered as part of the order be used?

A: Yes. The merchant states that the personal information you provide will be used for shipping, promotions, offers, contests, and to facilitate contact with you. Your first and last name, address, email address and telephone number will be used for these purposes. You can unsubscribe from promotional notifications by unsubscribing from the newsletter.

— Visit the official website here! —

Where can I buy Ultra Zoom?

You finally want to take pictures with your smartphone that could be taken by a professional photographer? Then you should take a closer look at the website of the official provider of Ultra Zoom. It not only offers you the opportunity to buy the monocular. You will also find a lot of additional information and details about the product.

If you buy the Ultra Zoom through the official shop, you currently get a 50 percent discount on the purchase of a monocular. In addition, you will not be charged any shipping costs. If you decide to buy several Ultra Zoom at once – for example, to give them as a gift – you will receive an even greater discount than if you buy one monocular. You can order up to three Ultra Zoom per order for yourself and your friends or family. You can also purchase a one-year or two-year warranty for a small additional charge. You also have the option of ordering a cleaning kit for the monocular lens.

As soon as you have selected everything, the provider needs your contact information. Enter your first and last name, your e-mail address and your telephone number in the fields provided.

in the form below. Then you also have to enter the country and state in which you live, the address, address supplements, your place of residence and the postcode. You can then pay for the Ultra Zoom by credit card. Click here to discover the current discount!

Ultra Zoom technical facts

  • Magnification: 10-300X
  • Prism type: BAK-S1
  • Prism system: BAK-S1 prism
  • Field of view: 110 m / 914.4 m
  • Objective lens coating: FMC
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Night vision function
  • telescopic anti-shake system
  • 3D tripod gyro
  • compatible with almost all smartphones
  • waterproof
  • dustproof
  • shockproof
Who is the provider of the product?

Ecom Movadgency S.L.

Homepage: https://ultrazoomshop.com/

E-mail: help@ecomerzpro.net

Phone: +34 91 628 89 76


This press release is for information purposes only. The information does not constitute advice or an offer to buy.

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