PhenQ Reviews 2021: PhenQ a Savior or Claptrap – Before and After Results, Ingredients, and Side Effects

Road to Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

“Being Healthy and fit is not a fad or trend. Instead, it’s a lifestyle.”

The road towards acquiring a healthy lifestyle is not a bed of roses. It is a bumpy road that stipulates patience, hard work, consistency, and dedication to attain an aura that rejuvenates an enriched lifestyle. It is not something that you can acquire within days; it is a gradual process that takes time and all your energy to get yourself into a state of mind that coheres with your physical balance. A balanced nutritional diet together with exercise are the two basic tools to attain a healthy lifestyle but in the process, one gets stuck, frustrated low self-esteem, and hopeless.

The market is overwhelmed with weight loss supplements. But one needs to be quite vigilant about opting for the supplement that will go hand in hand with our body requirements. Most of these dietary supplements are not body friendly. So don’t fall into the trap of these shrewd manufacturers taking advantage of your desperation and inclination. So to bring ease to all your worries Wolfson Berg Limited, a company having a repute of 10 years in the market of dietary supplements, has launched a weight loss pill, PhenQ.

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What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ has hit the public ratings since its launch, due to its efficacy. It is a slimming supplement that constitutes natural ingredients to help lose surplus body fat and repress your appetite. It ensures chemical-free ingredients that cannot pose any hazard to health. The manufacturers are assertive that this dietary supplement limits fat production and capacitates to burn stored fat deposits in your body.  It claims to control your urge for food intake, elevates mood, and energy level so that you don’t experience lethargic behavior or irritability due to less appetite. This high-quality formula is manufactured in the UK and US in GMP and FDA ratified facilities.

Modern Diet Consumption and its Adversities in the 21st Century

Globalization has its perks but it has its cons as well. Today’s hustle and bustle has paved the way towards life that is robotic and fast. In this century where people long for money and lust, in parallel they want good looks, wellbeing, and health altogether. But in this fast-paced life, people are so absorbed in their work and other routine tasks that they cannot process what to eat and what not thus opening the door towards unhealthy habits including strong inclination towards processed foods, junks, fast foods, high-fat calorie diets because these foods are easy to make and quick to access.  In today’s world, human beings are subjected to unhealthy diet consumption habits that are sub sequential towards serious health adversaries including obesity, cardiac problems, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, and the list goes on. Under the prevailing circumstances, the need of the hour is to break the facades of toxic and unhealthy regimen, inculcating knowledge among people with regard to healthy lifestyle, vigorous eating habits, exercise regimen, detox plans, nutritional weight loss supplement, and much more.

Why Opt for PhenQ?

The company illustrates that this dietary supplement not only irradiates the adipose tissue but it also controls hunger. The potential of this product resides in its ability to catch obesity in a pincer movement. The active natural ingredients constituting this miracle slimming pill are evidence-based which stimulates enzymes to speed up weight loss and eradicate lethargic aptitude among users. It actively plays a role in exterminating hormonal disorders and combats age-relevant issues effectively. The formula does not ensure cutting down your weight but it also regulates your energy level and precisely modulates metabolic rate.

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How does it Work?

The formula establishes work miraculously in ways ensuring multiple processes to work in a balanced frame to attain a physique that is a symbol of health and wellbeing.

1. Burns Fats

The natural ingredients like piperine, caffeine, and capsicum extract collaboratively work to speed up the process of metabolism together with thermogenesis, which is a natural process to heat up the body resulting in accelerated fat burning, giving you a body that is healthy. You will gradually start fitting in your desired attire.

2. Impedes Fat Production

The most highlighted ingredient piperine acts as a magical wand that halts the body to produce new fat cells that the body tends to produce and store in case of emergencies. When the melted fat cells are not replaced with new ones, which are a precursor of gaining weight, the body will get in shape.

3. Escalated Metabolic Rates

PhenQ is a natural metabolism enhancer that not only inhibits the accumulation of fatty cells in the body but it also releases the stored body fats by converting them into energy. It will drastically increase your calorie expenditure resulting in weight loss with efficacy. The traditional school of thought pertaining dieting approach fosters dropping off metabolic rates to achieve less calorie usage. Contrary to this, PhenQ stimulates excessive fat burning resulting in accelerating metabolism and excess energy production.

4. Appetite Suppressor

The most vital need while losing weight is that one needs to keep a balance of one’s food intake. When the body is prone to surplus eating habits then it results in hunger every time you are on a diet resulting in frustration and helplessness. Caffeine is a fundamental ingredient in the PhenQ formula that reduces the craving for carbs and sugars. It tremendously suppresses the desire to add to your calorie count thus resulting in burning calories that are already stacked up in your body. This pill gives you a feeling of being full and energetic reducing your urge to take in more and more food leading to surplus weight gain.

5. The epitome of Boosting Energy

The traditional dieting approaches are more prone to fatigue, lethargic attitude, dullness, and suppresses the urge to do daily life chores. PhenQ is formulated with ingredients that inculcate higher energy levels. The boost in energy promises active life, freshness, increased focus, and physical aptitude. You can make daily workouts a part of your lifestyle to maintain a dreamy body that can’t be achieved without PhenQ.

6. Mood Elevator

Losing weight is a mentally tiresome activity that promotes anxiety, depression, and mood swings. This dietary supplement promises calm in your mood, it relaxes you and helps you focus on your daily chores with persistence and a firm hold on your attitude.

PhenQ Formula

The weight loss pill, PhenQ, has been formulated in a very prudent manner using ingredients that are safe to consume. Not only are these ingredients naturally sourced but have also been thoroughly researched upon. PhenQ basically works on the principles of burning fat and boosting energy by augmenting one’s metabolism and with the help of specific ingredients produce enzymes in one’s body that aim at the body’s fats and speed up weight loss. PhenQ consists of vital five ingredients alongside others for the supplement to be contrived.  All the ingredients have been carefully curated and incorporated in suitable amounts that are befitting to our natural body systems. Following are the ingredients involved in the manufacturing of PhenQ:

1. Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is basically the embodiment of chromium used in nutritional supplements. Chromium is a crucial mineral ingested from the foods we eat. Chromium is one of the vital trace elements present in our system that aids the way in which our body breaks down food. It assists with the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates derived from our food. Chromium picolinate helps regulate blood sugar levels, hence impacting weight loss and cholesterol. As chromium is a factor of controlling blood sugar and insulin in our bodies, the presence of Chromium Picolinate in PhenQ helps one repress cravings and abet swift weight loss. Chromium picolinate helps provide energy to cells through metabolizing food consumed, helps cells extract glucose from blood cells, and use it as a source of energy for the cells, and prevents fat accumulation. The human body needs only limited amounts of chromium hence the amount of chromium picolinate is carefully administered whilst manufacturing PhenQ.

2. Calcium Carbonate

Calcium has always been known for its evidence in the nourishment of bones, muscles, and for the functioning of cells and nerves. Calcium carbonate is a carbonate mineral used as a nutritional supplement for calcium and for antacids. But studies have shown that calcium when taken with protein can help reduce body fat. Calcium that is stored in the cells plays a vital role in how fats are broken down by our bodies. The more calcium there is in a fat cell the faster the fat dissipates. Calcium supplements when taken with proportioned amounts of protein have shown weight loss.

Experiments conducted have also reflected that diets with higher calcium intake have resulted in a small extent of thermogenesis i.e. the burning of body fat as a result of an increase in body temperature. Hence it is being used as an agent for effective fat loss and hunger repression in PhenQ.

3. Nopal

Nopal is one of the plant-based extract used in PhenQ. Nopal is a cactus and very commonly used in Mexican foods. Nopal cactus is a high source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. It also has high fiber content which results in weight loss. Consuming it is known to have lowered the sugar levels in the blood, helps reduce inflammation, and lower cholesterol. Nopal can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin and help regulate blood sugar. Consuming this cactus has also led to reveal that it can create a feeling of fullness in the stomach and hence can help suppress hunger.

4. Capsimax Powder  

Another plant-based ingredient used in the manufacturing of PhenQ is capsimax powder which is a concentrated derived form. It consists of capsaicinoids from the red hot peppers (capsicum). Capsimax works as thermogenesis and may cause a calorie deficit. It is said to help boost metabolism and assist in the burning of fat.

5. A-Lacy Reset 

A-Lacy Reset is the most salient and dominant ingredient involved in the weight loss progress of phenQ. It is a metabolic accelerant that results in efficiency in fat burning and stimulating the natural process of the body to abolish surplus fat. The efficient metabolism helps increase thermogenesis which is directly proportional to reduced calories. It comprises of the following two ingredients:

a. Alpha Lipoic Acid – Alpha Lipoic Acid is an organic compound that comes from food sources and as well as produced in the mitochondria in our bodies. It acts as an antioxidant. It plays an essential role at the cellular level in our bodies. It helps in breaking down carbohydrates which release energy. It is also known for helping maintain blood sugar levels by removing fat from muscle cells and making insulin more efficacious.

b. Cysteine – Cysteine is an amino acid naturally formed in the human body. It is usually present in foods that are rich in protein for example eggs, chicken, yogurt, cheese, etc. It has the potential to elevate mood, renders self-confidence, and motivation.

6. L-Carnitine Fumarate

It is a naturally occurring amino acid that is a powerhouse of energy. It is readily available in red meat, nuts, and green veggies. This powerhouse breaks down the fat bodies into energies which makes it not only a potent source of energy needed to overcome lethargy and tiredness due to work out or routine tasks but also targets fat depositions.

7. Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a pivotal ingredient in many dieting supplements, and pills readily available in the market due to its efficacy and nurturing impact on the body. It is a highly concentrated form of caffeine. Caffeine is a powerhouse of energy that stimulates alertness and boosts energy tremendously. Its utility in daily life suppresses our food appetite and habit of binge eating. It pumps our thermogenic process thus facilitating weight loss rapidly.

8. Niacin – (Vitamin B3)

Niacin powder is a fundamental source of vitamin B3. It promptly converts food into energy so you may urge to eat food again and again. It is advisable to boost your physical activities with the intake of this powder in your pill so that it works with efficacy in your body.

9. Piperine Extract

It is effectively drawn out from black pepper. This extract resides in high thermogenic attributes pivotal for breaking down fat deposits in the body. It is potent enough to curtail the process of fat deposition in the body thus halting weight gain.

Beneficial Attributes of PhenQ

People who have opted for this formula have added to its value through praise and assurance of maximum desired results in their reviews.

  • This dietary pill promises a physique that you have always dreamt of. It gives you a desirable body within a shorter time frame.
  • It progressively breaks down the stored fat in your body, ensuring your weight won’t be stuck at a single point on the weighing machine for long.
  • It suppresses excessive food intake by not affecting your energy levels.
  • It establishes to alleviate fatigue, lethargies, and irritability that comes with suppressed appetite.
  • It fends off bulimia nervosa; a psychological eating disorder that fosters episodes of binge eating that are large food intakes in one sitting.
  • It coheres to motivation and boosts your confidence and self-esteem which is pivotal in life for survival.
  • PhenQ bridges the retention of fluids inside the body.
  • It curtails bloating and flatulence by initiating enzymes that ensure the effective functioning of the gastrointestinal system.
  • It detoxifies your body from all the toxic wastes hindering losing weight thus fostering wellbeing.
  • Its ingredients have supreme anti-aging characteristics.
  • It tends to prevent constipation issues.
  • It is a naturally manufactured dietary supplement so you don’t have to worry about the side effects as it is beneficial among women reaching menopause.

We have sorted out the pros and cons of this dietary supplement on the basis of previous data and researches for you so that you could vigilantly decide if you want to opt for it or not.


  • Its legitimacy is assured as it is made by a renowned company dealing in dietary supplements for years.
  • It constitutes ingredients that are 100% natural.
  • The quality of products is top-notch and unarguably the best.
  • Its efficacy is unquestionable as the product establishes its results in very little time.
  • You don’t need a prescription to buy this product.
  • Its efficacy is proven over the years by the clients in their reviews.
  • It is feasible for vegans.
  • It boosts fat oxidation in the body.
  • It has a guaranteed 60 days money back policy.
  • It proves to be a generous source of calcium for the body.
  • It cuts down obesity effectively not at the cost of energy levels.


  • It is not advisable for children under 18 years of age.
  • This product is available only on the official website of the company.
  • It constitutes caffeine which may or may not interfere with sleeping patterns.
  • It is not suggestible for feeding mothers and pregnant women.

Side Effects of PhenQ

This supplement is composed of natural ingredients and there is no chemical interference attributed to its composition, so the adversaries leading from this dietary pill are non-significant. But like any other medication, you might experience possible side effects of this pill.

Allergies – It is quite possible that some of you might have allergic reactions to active ingredients used in its production such as Chromium Picolinate.

Headache – The composition includes ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous in enormous quantities that may result in headaches. But it is not something worrisome, because these unwanted headaches will subside with time when the body will learn to adjust with the dosage taken.

Disturbance in Sleeping Patterns – Caffeine is attributed to elevate brain activity and alleviate sleep. Thus if this pill is taken in the afternoon it might result in disrupted sleep patterns.

Nausea – The ingredients constituting this dietary supplement result in increased body activity that might result in nausea or vomiting. This feeling will subside in no time as the body tends to adapt to this dietary pill.

 Is PhenQ for Everyone?

PhenQ is a natural supplement that targets both genders safely. Vegetarians can also opt for this supplement because it composites ingredients that are natural and are obtained primarily from plants. People with fat depositions in their bodies can opt for their effectiveness. People addicted to binge eating are advised to go for it. People diagnosed with bulimia nervosa can use it for steady results.

On the contrary, people with underlying medical conditions should seek medical advice before putting their hands on this dietary supplement. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should refrain from using it without medical guidance. Minors are not advisable to use this product and adults above the age of 60 should also consult their physicians before using this legitimate supplement.

Dosage and Indications

The manufactures indicate the usage of two pills a day. The first pill can be administered in the morning with breakfast and another dosage can be taken with lunch in the afternoon. Late administration of this supplement in the day may render sleep disorders, so keep these indications in mind for favorable results. By any chance, if you miss the dosage, don’t fret about it just wait for the time when the next dosage is to be administered. It is advisable to use PhenQ as long as you take to attain your desired body goals and it can be continued valiantly, in the long run, to maintain and steady your weight and physique.

Availability and Purchase of PhenQ

This nutritious dietary supplement is only available at the official website, which offers a single pack containing 60 pills for one-month of treatment that shows effective results with intensive use after two to three weeks. The company guarantees a 60-day money back policy with every purchase. A single bottle costs 69.95$ after a discount of 10% percent that you can grab on their website right away. On the purchase of two bottles, you can avail of one bottle free and with the purchase of three bottles you can avail of two bottles and a free Advance cleanse.

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