Quick Tips On How To Reduce Breakages When Moving

  1. Don’t pack too much stuff in each box

When packing cardboard moving boxes, you should avoid packing them too much since this will make the boxes too heavy and increase the chances that the bottom will fall out and all your items would tumble onto the floor. You should tape the bottom of the boxes to make them stronger as well as continuously test the weight of each box so that you don’t overpack them and make them too heavy.

  1. Start packing up the rooms that are used the least

You should pack from one room to the next and start with packing the rooms and items that you hardly ever use. Get a variety of boxes for all of your packing from the Gaylord Box Exchange.

  1. Always label each packed box

Putting labels on each box will greatly help the packing and unpacking process. You should write the room the box belongs in as well as what it contains. For example, if you’re packing up the kitchen, the box should indicate that it belongs in the kitchen as well as the specific items inside that box for example, cutlery, dishes etc. In some cases, writing the particular room in which an item or group of items need to go in may be difficult. Some people store extra kitchen items in the garage. So, this is why it is important to clearly label what each box contains so that you can find the right room for them in you new home.

  1. Boxes shouldn’t be too heavy so that you can safely lift them

Always check the weight of each box when packing since you don’t want to make them so heavy that you can’t comfortably pick them up. Do note that larger boxes will be able to hold more items, which makes it very easy for them to get quite heavy. As a result, some of these large boxes will require at least 2 people to move them. So, in instances where a particular box is very heavy and need more than one person to transport it, be sure to attach a sticker to the box that says, “heavy load“.

  1. Get a tape dispenser

You should definitely purchase a tape dispenser since it will make it so much easier to easily put together and secure each packing box. Manually cutting tape is very tiring and a tape dispenser will definitely make things a lot easier for everyone involved.

  1. Use enough bubble wrap and newspaper

When it comes to securing delicate items, you need to use bubble wrap and newspaper to do so. Always use a generous amount of these packing materials to ensure that your fragile items such as ornaments, glassware, antiques, etc are well protected.

  1. Make sure there aren’t many empty gaps

Always pack each box in such a way so that there are very few gaps or spaces. This will not only reduce how many boxes you need but also ensure the items inside each box don’t move around too much and don’t get damaged during the move. You can easily fix any existing gaps using linen or crumpled newspaper.

  1. Light items should be packed in large boxes

You should avoid placing very heavy items inside large boxes such as books, large appliances, crockery, etc. These should be packed inside small boxes since they will be easier to handle. If you pack them in a large box, these boxes will be too heavy. Instead, use your large boxes to pack relatively light items such as bedding, cushions, etc.

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