Estate auction sales: The Best Way to Liquidate Your Property

Estate auction sales are the best option to sell the property because of downsizing, death or divorce. Since it is a once in a lifetime activity, we generally do not know much detail about it. So it is better to look for an expert for the same.

And if not an expert, you can read the article further to get to know yourself.

The estate includes many possessions that are built over a lifetime. For example, an art sculpture, a painting, furniture set, etc. all the unclaimed items should be disposed of properly. They can be donated, trashed, or sold for cash.

If they are to be sold for cash, estate auction sales are the perfect way to get the belongings of your loved ones at the right place.

It can be held by the estate owner himself or herself. Still, generally, people prefer professionals who have a keen understanding of what constitutes the sale, what procedures are to be followed, and the legalities to be fulfilled.

The estate auction manager handles the following aspects of a tag sale.

  • He/she makes an inventory. It helps categorise the possessions and facilitate the buyers.
  • After this, they set the price of the merchandise available for sale.
  • They market and advertise, that is, they inform people about the sale.
  • The sale items’ arrangement and order are also carried out under the guidance of an estate auction sales
  • The manager handles the proceedings of the tag sale, including cash.
  • The manager also manages the security of the sale.

Difference Between Estate Sale and Estate Auction

Tag sales and estate auctions are the best ways to dispose of a property. Both have their importance and characteristics. After getting a deep understanding of both tag sales and auctions, you can choose what is best for you.

Estate Sale

In an estate sale, the buyers come to the site and buy products after negotiation. A coordinator is hired to manage the sales. The items need not be moved to a different place. Buyers can visit the site in a span of two to three days and shop for whatever they like.

That being said, estate sales are events where shoppers are invited to the owner’s home, who has hosted the sale. Each item that has to be sold is put to display. People come in and negotiate for the thing they want to buy.

Pros of a tag sale

A tag sale, popularly known as estate sale is a quick process, and they do not require colossal setup time. They have the following positive points.

  • Each auction sale is distinct in its way.
  • The price of the belongings is highly vulnerable.
  • Every item in the estate can be sold in the estate auction sales.
  • The sale extends up to two to three days to attract more buyers.
  • The sellers can set a price as they want.
  • Most cases of sale get settled quickly. You can get your money in significantly less time.

Estate Auctions

On the other hand, an estate auction involves an estate auction sales company to manage and further handle the procedure of an auction. A fixed time and place are decided where the auction will be held. In an auction, the price is not agreed by the seller but the buyer. There are bidders; whoever’s bid will be the highest will become the owner of the estate.

In an auction, the buyer registers with the auction house before bid for the property. Once registered, a unique number is assigned to the buyers, and one must stick to it. In tag sales, there is no requirement for registration. Only your name and details will be kept with the property owner for future use, in case you purchase any of their belongings.

Pros of an estate auction

An estate auction is open to all local, national and international buyers, and guarantees a fair market price. You can find the following positives.

  • Since many buyers bid for one product, the prices generally go up.
  • It allows the seller to ensure privacy because the auction is held at a different place than the estate.
  • In Online auctions, there is no requirement to book a gallery or auditorium. It can be held on a portable device also.
  • There are licensing and ethics, and so there is no chance of betrayal.
  • The proceedings from the estate auction sales are managed by the company the estate owner has hired.
  • The portion of the commission for the estate auctioneer is also affordable.

Both the estate sales and estate auctions have some pros and cons. It is you who has to determine what will give the best results. Before going to a sale or an auction, you must be prepared.

Unlike retail stores, there is no return policy that you can avail. So you must enter with complete research about the products that interest you. Since there is no guarantee for the products in the estate auction sales, you should only take a calculated risk.

You must know what you are looking for, how much are you willing to pay, and stick to your budget firmly. It may happen that because of the pressure from your peers, you get distracted. But if you make up your mind in advance, you will not face any such problem.

Do not bid higher than your budget. If you think the deal is not what you estimated for, you should pass. It would be best to reach the palace before time and inspect the items for any flaws or damages. It will save you from making an unworthy deal.

Before becoming a part of any estate auction sales, you must know the deal is profitable to you in the long run.

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