How to do the basic tarot reading for a friend or yourself?

Is it rather difficult to do a basic tarot card reading either for someone you know or for yourself? It is not if you know how to go about it. The standard tarot deck comprises of 78 cards. Each of these has its own image and symbol. There are 22 Major Arcana tarot cards that are Trump Cards and contain an unnumbered card called the Fool. This character plays a key role, moving through all the other cards, and learning his lessons. The Minor Arcana comprises of 56 cards linked to certain daily challenges and represent our beliefs, thoughts, and experiences.

Ways to do a basic tarot card reading:

You can try a free tarot reading to strengthen the love relationship which is difficult to realize ahead of time. You must understand meanings of the cards before you start a reading. You then need to use these meanings to tap your own intuitions so as to take positive actions in the future. To do this, you have to ask an open-ended question to the card deck. Instead of asking questions starting with “Will I” stick to questions starting with “What do I need to” to get a better insight. Questions that aim to know how or why you can do certain things will bring out better answers. When you have the question ready you should shuffle the cards; an overhand shuffle can be done or you could go for a “cut” the deck shuffle or you may spread cards facing down and sweep these into a large messy pile before placing them back again.

To interpret the cards, you either have to pull out a single card if you are doing a simple reading or many cards like a spread. The spread will speak in more broad way about your situation instead of addressing a single question only. So, the ore the number of cards used for a reading, the more in-depth will the reading be. However, if you are starting out, handling a big spread may be hard.

When the cards or a single card has been picked out, they have to be placed facing downwards. You need to turn these cards right side up in order to catch the symbol, image, or word mentioned. You must stay focused to connect your intuitions with the card meanings. When you find that nothing is coming to your mind, you should refer to the deck’s reference book to get some guidance on the different card meanings.

A 3-card spread can be interpreted by you in a calm manner. The first card stands for you may do to adapt to the change that has happened in your life. The second stands for the direction on how to care for yourself in this process. The third card works like your guide for putting yourself in the middle of this change. A 5-card spread will guarantee clarity and illumination; here you must shuffle and then choose 5 cards which call out to you, or simply cut the deck into 5 piles and pull a card for questions like:

  • What is taking place now?
  • What lesson are you learning?
  • How can you go through this with grace?
  • What leaves at this time?
  • What arrives at this time?

You need to think about these different questions and focus well. When you incorporate tarot card reading into a regular practice, you can nurture your intuitive abilities, tapping into your inner wisdom.

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