The Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

We all by now know that honey is a necessity in food and beverages, especially for health reasons. But,  there’s one type of honey thats also great for your medicine cabinet. Manuka honey is trending in the health  and wellness community and rightly so, because of the abundant amount of benefits it has.

Manuka honey comes from New Zealand and is produced by the uncultivated Manuka flower found in the  Manuka Bush, often found in the rugged landscape of the remote parts of New Zealand. Bees pollinate the  tree’s flowers to produce this potent honey.

Manuka honey has high amounts of antibacterial elements called methylglyoxal (MGO). This component is  found in small doses in other honey, but mainly found in Manuka flowers. Manuka honey also contains  dihydroxyacetone, courtesy of the Manuka flower’s nectar, which has significantly high levels of anti  bacterial properties.

There is a stringent system in place to grade this type of honey. It is usually done through the Kfactor, MGO  and/or UMF.

∙ KFactor measures purity, live enzymes, chemical residues, pollen count and more. These are the  active and bioactive compounds.

∙ MGO measures methylglyoxal.

∙ UMF measures methylglyoxal, non-peroxide activity, leptosperin and more.

As an effective antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, this honey can treat many health conditions  as well as ailments caused by bacterial infections and inflammation. While it may not kill a virus at hand, it  can certainly help improve your immunity over time.

Nutritional Benefits

This unique variety of honey contains high levels of amino acids, magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc, iron,  potassium, B vitamins, and lots of antioxidants, as well as a high amount of methylglyoxal than other forms  of honey. There are some carbohydrates in this variety of honey, as well as a trace amount of protein.

Skin Benefits

Manuka honey is mostly and especially beneficial for treating skin diseases and infections due to its  antibacterial compounds. It has the power to stop harmful bacteria from producing on the skin, Manuka  honey acts as a great barrier to skin infection and irritation. It also contains a high level of healing properties  that help to heal the skin.

It can cure anti-fungal skin infections, such as yeast or athlete’s foot, also can heal acne and keep the acne  bacteria that cause pimples from coming back. People with Eczema and Psoriasis itching can use Manuka  honey to calm the skin down and it’s inflammatory properties will help the skin heal over time. Burns will be  soothed and encouraged to heal. Skin cuts and wounds will heal faster and have less chance of infection.

Digestive Benefits 

Honey is commonly used for gastric problems, but manuka honey with its high antimicrobial activity is even  more beneficial. It has been found to be effective against the bacteria that is most commonly seen in the  highly acidic environment of the stomach. This bacterium is implicated in most cases of stomach ulcers that  develop into cancer.

Boots Immunity

People who have used manuka honey regularly for their health benefits often report increased resistance to  diseases. The high nutritional value of the honey, especially the presence of a wide range of vitamins and  minerals could be responsible, but it is mainly attributed to the immune-boosting capacity of manuka honey.  Manuka Honey cannot stop a virus from attacking your immune system but having a spoonful of honey with  a high UMF count everyday, will certainly improve your immunity over time.

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