The best ways to use the Internet for music promotion – 2021


You probably open a streaming platform to put on a song or even a playlist. You dance around to rhythmic sounds while preparing yourself for work. Can you imagine that once upon a time, 50 or 60 years ago, none of this was possible?

Well, in the past having access to millions of songs and music videos would seem like science-fiction, or maybe even witchcraft. The 20th century was filled with inventions that seemed like breakthroughs back then, such as gramophone, graphophone, vinyl, cassettes, CDs, etc. Then came the Ipad that revolutionized not only musical but the technological industry, as well. Before streaming was possible, the process of listening to music in the 70s or 80s was remarkably different from today. That’s why it either feels unrealistic or like a very distant past.

As for the 21st century, technological advancements have enabled us to listen to music using our phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. A digital era has come, and music enthusiasts and artists are able to enjoy several online streaming services.

Become a musician

Would you like to become a musician? If the answer is yes, then a digital world gives you endless opportunities to prove to yourself and everyone else that you can make it. While opening yourself up to new possibilities may seem scary at first, remember that we all have inner courage, you just need to find it.

Once you decide that you are ready to start your music career, get familiar with available platforms, weigh advantages and disadvantages, and choose one that meets your requirements the best. You should know in advance that there’s a sea of information on the Internet, so discovering the best platform for you might require some heavy and thorough reading.

The next step is setting up a visually appealing and fresh account to attract as many users as possible. Since your profile photo may often make the first impression on your potential fans and help them assess whether your account is worth following or not, you should focus on it. Whether there’s just you or your brand in the picture, you should try to capture the true nature of your music. As for the account in general, make sure that it’s in unison with your music’s aesthetics.

People also pay attention to the artists’ biography section. Different platforms allow different numbers of words, but whatever it is, you have got to make the most out of it. It is how people find out more about you as an artist. So, talk about the content you will provide, what type of music you will share with your followers, and add a little bit about your musical interest or inspiration, too. You can also list your musical achievements. Try to use a friendly and joyful tone and don’t make it too long because no one will read it, and no one will follow you.

Become successful quickly

After you finish polishing up your account, you should worry about growing it. Attracting new users to your profile on major streaming services is the most challenging part because the competition is quite intense and strong. Sadly, some beginner artists have trouble facing these facts, so when they discover that they don’t have thousands of followers in a week, they give up. There are various service providers, such as SocialWick, that can increase your content’s exposure and get you a high number of followers on Spotify or other platforms. Some people use their services to achieve goals easier, but maybe you want to do it in your own way.


If you plan on promoting your account yourself, make sure to utilize all the social media platforms available to you. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other networks are an excellent way to start and get the word out about you as an artist. Even if you don’t have thousands of followers on these platforms, you can be sure that most of your family members and friends will support you and share your account with other people.

While using social media as a marketing strategy, bear in mind that our world is becoming more and more visual every day. Since the brain processes visual information much faster than textual, it’s more likely that people will ignore a post without any picture, video, or gif. Use a picture of you or your band creating music, a picture of a concert, or a backstage while making an announcement. You can even upload a graphic design to attract a broader audience. Of course, promotion on various platforms is essential for gaining popularity, but it can’t get you thousands of followers if the content you provide isn’t high quality.

Communication is the key

For maximizing your reach and increasing your followers, you need to spend some time on streaming platforms interacting with other users. The more you communicate with others, the higher your digital presence will be, and more people will discover you in their feeds. If you are a shy person, it may be a bit difficult to make connections at the beginning. But don’t worry, practice makes perfect! First of all, answer your followers’ comments, even ask them some questions. It will make building a loyal relationship with your community much easier. Moreover, you can also engage with other beginner artists and support their career by listening to their music and sharing your opinion.

Know your audience

Another important step is knowing your audience. How are you going to offer relevant content and communicate with your followers if you don’t know who they are? Well, fortunately for you, most online streaming platforms offer various analytic tools. Through these behavior analytical tools, you can discover the demographic characteristics of your followers, for instance, their age, gender, nationality, etc. You can also find out what time of the day they are most active and upload your content accordingly. The information you learn after utilizing analytics can assist you in improving your marketing strategy.

These are some principal aspects you should focus on if you want to promote your music on the Internet. Make sure to follow them, but remember to have fun in the process because artists get the most creative when they are happy.

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Usman Sabir