Best scissors for cutting hair

A cutting device consists of two sharp metal blades each with a ring-shaped handle to grip, these handles are joined from the center so that their sharp edges move against each other and mainly used for cutting hair. Scissors for cutting hair are specifically designed for hair and blades are a little bit thinner for this purpose. The quality and result of haircut depend upon scissors for cutting hair and how good the shears match hair type and hair texture. It is very beneficial if you are investing in good quality and worthy shears rather than lose clients because of imperfect haircut.

Types of scissors for cutting hair

If you are new to this serious business then you might find it difficult to choose the best shears according to your need because the market contains many different types of scissors for cutting hair. Some scissors for cutting hair which are used generally and necessary if you are setting up your new hair cutting business are discussed below:

Haircutting Shears

The very first thing you need in your salon is hair cutting shear. It is used mainly to cut the length of hair to get required style. It can also be used to cut other things in salon other than cutting hair. These shears are special and easy to use because of their comfortable grip. It is very sharp and helps to cut the hair smoothly without folding or bending the hair. This type of shears are helpful when you are cutting hair straight with no layering.

Swivel Scissors

Swivel scissor has a rotating thumb attached to the blade. It is suitable for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury because it prevents your thumb from being trapped in the thumb hole. It promotes natural flow of hand which is compulsory if you are having a busy day. Swivel shears are available for hair cutting, thinning and texturing.

Texturizing shears

Texturizing shear looks like a simple scissor but one end have teeth to catch the hair, number of teeth varies on texturizing shear. It is used to reduce bulk of hair and make them thin without loosing the length of hair. It is compulsory if you want to provide a stylish look to hair and it is widely used in salons. It will remove texture of your hair and give you thinner hair. Texturizing shear is used to balance and reduce the weight of the hair.

Thinning scissors

 Thinning scissors is different from texturizing shears, texturizing shear has widely placed teeth but thinning scissors have denser and can have more than20-25 teeth. It is also used to reduce the weight and for thickness. Thinning scissors are also available in swivel style. Thinning shears cant be used to create a shape it is used to decorate the given shape. Smaller teeth are used to blend and soften blunt lines.    

Tips to buy hair cutting scissors

if you will choose right pair then it will help you in several ways. Here are some tips to buy scissors for cutting hair.

First of all check the material of the shears never compromise on low quality because it will not give you perfection in your work. Choose the suitable size of shears that fits and helps you to work smoothly. Check the handle before buying it because the handle makes the shears easy to use. Check the warranty and get the right style you needed. Try to choose shears with adjustable screws because that lets you set the tension of the blades. 

Bruce Miles