How the use of QR codes in education can revolutionize 21st-century education systems?

In a world where technology aids educators in teaching their students, the use of QR codes becomes of the tools they use today.

As we move towards a technologically-driven society, changes in its societal functions are integrated with the use of technological tools. And one of the societal functions that have been changed and revolutionized is the education system. Together with the changes made by technology, a new era for education is born. Hence, the term 21st- century education systems are born.

With the existence of the 21st-century education systems, the technological tools it integrates includes the use of software such as word document, excel, PDFs, and multimedia files. But as the use of these technological tools can complicate the task they relay to their students, revolutionizing the 21st-century education systems is a must for them.

Because of their revolutionizing efforts, the use of QR codes in education becomes their turning key point in simplifying their tasks with technological tools.

What is a QR code?

A Quick Response code is a type of barcode that embeds bigger amounts of data than traditional barcodes. The QR code was invented in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Japanese automotive subsidiary of Denso Corporation. With its ubiquitous usage, you can see these types of barcodes in paper such as magazines, brochures, and flyers; billboards, and in product packaging.

In the education sector, QR codes can also be found in their books, activity papers, identification cards, and more.

How QR codes can revolutionize 21st-century education systems?

It’s no secret that the use of QR codes can simplify people’s tasks and integrate the use of multiple technological tools into one task. With the help of the best QR code generator, QR codes have revolutionized the 21st-century education systems in four notable ways.

Revolutionize attendance checking

One way the use of QR codes in education revolutionizes the 21st-century education system is the way of revolutionizing the ways teachers check their students’ attendance. By integrating the use of a Google Form and Google Sheets in setting up an automated QR code checking response and embedding its data with the QR code, teachers can easily check their students’ attendance with ease.

Through the use of it, teachers will no automatically know who is present in their classes and who skips to join in. Because of the use of QR codes in education, the 21st-century education system has revolutionized the way teachers check their students’ attendance.

Storage for additional learning materials for students

One thing teachers and students are having difficulty in integrating the 21st-century education system into their learning prompt is finding a common ground for accessing and storing learning materials for students. As the source for different learning materials can vary, students take more time in searching the material than reading them.

Because of their concern in typing the links of the learning materials, teachers have found a way to unburden their tasks through the use of QR codes. By simply embedding their files into a QR code, the students can minimize the time spent in typing the link of their learning materials and focus more on increasing their learning.

Provides easy access to activity worksheets to students

As the use of traditional activity link typing can take most of the student’s time on the web, the use of QR codes provides an easier way for students to access the activity worksheets from their learning materials. Because of their scan and view feature, the students can start their activity faster.

Adds up the students’ knowledge about QR codes

One way to increase people’s knowledge about a certain concept is by letting them to experience and apply one. With the use of QR codes, the students can increase their knowledge about QR codes and try to unlock different usage possibilities with it. Because of its power to revolutionize the education system, a greater chance to sustain a better future in learning is possible.


In order to deliver an effective and efficient educational system to all, teachers and other education system reformists are tapping the use of technology. Because of the adaptation, they make with technology, the use of QR codes becomes one of their successful technological utilization for a better and smart education system.

With the help of a QR code generator, QR codes have revolutionized the 21st-century education system towards a better and smarter learning endeavor for 21st-century learners in the future.

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