How Can Microsoft Dynamics Help Businesses During A Crisis


As a business, if you were lucky to escape the brunt of the outbreak, you might still have to deal with the economic costs. Businesses globally have been forced to scale down their operations, lay off employees, and make deep cuts. Some have even shut down.

Some, however, have adapted fast enough and devised better mechanisms to prosper and derive profits amid this adversity. In this article, Business Tech Blog delves into how Microsoft Dynamics can help you do just that.

Palindrome Consulting is a Miami-Dade/Broward County IT firm and outlines the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What Exactly Is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

It’s a suite of MS smart apps and other add-ons that enable you to centrally manage your entire business and derive better results using predictive analytics and AI-driven insights. From marketing to sales, commerce, operations, services, etc., Dynamics 365 gives you all-around and real-time visibility into all your organization’s processes. It addresses all your ERP and CRM needs — and so much more.

Microsoft Dynamics is designed to give you optimum flexibility and extensibility by only obtaining licenses for apps that add value to your processes.

How Can Microsoft Dynamics Help Your Organization During a Crisis? Here are the top 6 benefits you can draw from Dynamics 365 to help you weather these trying times:

  1. Dynamics 365 Enables You to Scale with Ease: During a crisis, businesses are forced to scale down their operations. As a result, you’ll find yourself paying for apps that you no longer need. That’s where MS Dynamics comes in — it is a conglomeration of individual apps that can be used together or in isolation. You can, therefore, drop or pay for specific apps depending on your changing needs.
  2. Dynamics 365 Gives You an In-Depth Understanding of Your Clientele: It centralizes any kind of customer data, providing you with better insight into the customer journey and experience. MS Dynamics also has prebuilt KPIs to help you keep track of your sales and marketing campaigns and client relationships.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics Can Help You Save on Costs: In times of crisis, the first thing executives look for is how to slash expenditures, sometimes at the expense of limiting productivity. Dynamic 365’s flexibility enables you to cut costs without jeopardizing your standard processes. You only have to buy what you need. Besides, it eliminates the expenses of setting up and maintaining servers and data centers.
  4. It Enhances Your Productivity: Besides providing your employees with meaningful insights to make the right decisions, Microsoft Dynamics also gives them the tools they need to get work done. By integrating CRM, ERP, MS Office, and other productivity tools in one central platform, Dynamics 365 enhances your workforce efficiency.
  5. Dynamics 365 Improves Your Conversion Rates: The last thing you want during a crisis is tunnel spillage. You should strive to convert every prospect that shows interest in your products/services into a customer. MS Dynamics helps you achieve just that — its AI and predictive analytics capabilities help you concentrate on more qualified leads. Rolling out more targeted campaigns will reduce your sales cycles and fill your tunnels faster.
  6. It Improves Customer Experience: Dynamics 365 collects and synthesizes data on prospects and customers. Whether it’s the websites they frequently visit or the brands they follow, their locations, buying patterns, etc. This data is analyzed and interpreted to enable you to design solutions that meet the clients’ precise needs. With such insights, your reps will approach customers on a case-by-case basis and recommend more personalized solutions.

During pandemics, it’s how fast you can obtain and act on data about the changing dynamics that sets you apart from competitors. As you must have noticed, Dynamic 365’s most significant perk is that it gives you all the MS and other productivity tools in one place and enables you to draw meaningful insights from them.

As with all major technological undertakings, the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics into your IT infrastructure needs a deep bench of experts with experience managing Microsoft tools. Consult with your IT team on how best to leverage Dynamics 365 for your business before making any moves.

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