Top 5 Best Daypacks

If you ever plan on doing day hikes (or even hiking during the day and not changing campsites), then you need to get a good quality daypack. Internal and external frame backpacking backpacks are too cumbersome for a regular day hike. They will work, but you will be much, much happier with a lightweight and utilitarian daypack. And best of all, the more versatile daypacks can also be used in your everyday life to carry your personal belongings. However, finding the best daypacks before making a purchase is difficult. There are SO many to choose from! So, read on to learn about the top 5 best daypacks that are available.

The Top 5 Best Daypacks

  1. Osprey Daylite Pack

The Osprey Daylite Pack is probably what you would imagine when you try to think of a hiking daypack. It was designed by Osprey, which is a highly reputable and recognized company that produces renowned products. This pack was created to be attractive to most hikers and backpackers, so if you do not plan on using your daypack for everyday purposes (and solely for hiking), then definitely check out the Osprey Daylite Pack.

This daypack was engineered to be small and lightweight, which is perfect for any day hike. Its capacity is 793 cubic inches, and it only weighs 1 pound! If you are serious about day-hiking, you do not want to bring a multi-use daypack (one that is also designed to be used for everyday life and travel). You want something small, light, durable, and comfortable. The Osprey Daylite Pack has every single one of these features – you will not be disappointed if you buy this. It DEFINITELY earned its spot as #1 on the list of the best daypacks.

  1. 5.11 Rush 24 Backpack

The 5.11 Rush 24 backpack is one of the most rugged and durable daypacks on the market. If you buy this, it will last you for years and will take an incredibly rough beating and still hold up perfectly. There is a multitude of pockets so you can organize all of your belongings. It also has a hydration pocket so you can put your CamelBack or Platypus in it.

If you are not convinced of the extreme value of the 5.11 Rush 24 Backpack, then head over to Amazon and read the reviews. They really speak for themselves. Without a doubt, this backpack reserves a spot on the list of the top 5 best daypacks.

  1. High Sierra Loop Backpack

Like the Rush 24 above, the High Sierra Loop Backpack not only serves as an excellent daypack for hiking but is also a very useful and versatile backpack for everyday life. It features a large, multi-compartment design which allows you to store much more in it than you would expect (just under 2,000 cubic inches). And, best of all, it is extremely light. It only weighs 2 pounds!

You will find that many of the ultralight backpacks/daypacks are built for weight and not durability. But, not in the High Sierra Loop‘s case. This daypack is designed to last forever.

In addition, not only is it light and durable, but it is also very comfortable. Because of its versatility, it stays at the top of the best daypacks and destroys the competition.

  1. Eagle Creek Packable Daypack

The Eagle Creek Packable Daypack is literally what it says – packable. When using this daypack, you can tell that it is just as durable and comfortable as most other daypacks. Also, it is only half a pound! However, when it comes time to put the pack away after a day of use, you can stuff it into a tiny pouch. This makes it incredibly easy to store. Another great benefit of this feature is that if you are hiking and plan on doing a day hike and then come back to your campsite, you can slip this pack (when it is inside its pouch) into your internal/external frame backpack. You do not need to worry about fitting a regular-sized daypack into your full-sized pack and wasting space; the Eagle Creek Packable Daypack will take up no space at all. This feature sets this pack apart from the rest of the daypacks that you can buy, and also saves it a spot on the list of the best daypacks.

  1. Kelty Reverb Daypack

The Kelty Reverb Daypack is an excellent option for a daypack that you can use for hiking or for travel that is on the cheap side. But, even though it is relatively cheap, it is not designed cheaply. You will find that this daypack is as durable and comfortable as many other packs that are out there. It is built with nylon and poly fabric, which are materials that are proven to be tough. Also, it is lightweight with a relatively high capacity (1750 cubic inches). So, if you are looking for a quality daypack that can be used for anything, especially one that is on the cheap side, then check out the Kelty Reverb Daypack. It is one of the best daypacks you can buy.

So, I hope you found this list of the top 5 best daypacks helpful. Picking a daypack is difficult because there are so many and each’s features differ greatly. But, there are a few clear winners. So, be sure to choose from one of these packs on the list of the best daypacks, and you will not be disappointed. Happy hiking!

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