EXTEND and Wolters Kluwer Team Up to Evaluate and Elevate Corporate Legal Performance

Diverse legal expertise combined with comprehensive assessment drives legal operations maturity, efficiency, and superior value for the legal enterprise 

STAMFORD, CT, December 10, 2020 — EXTEND Resources, a leading business and legal performance improvement services company, announced today that the company has joined Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions Partner Program. Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions is the market-leading provider of enterprise legal spend and matter management, contract lifecycle management, and legal analytics solutions.

As a result of this partnership program, EXTEND will use its unique expertise in corporate legal optimization to help legal departments derive superior value and performance from the ELM Solutions suite of products. In addition to the Passport® enterprise legal management, TyMetrix® 360° ebilling and matter management, and CLM Matrix contract lifecycle management platforms, EXTEND will leverage Wolters Kluwer’s LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer, a patented AI-powered legal bill review service, to craft solutions for its clients.

Wolters Kluwer selected EXTEND Resources for the ELM Solutions partner program based on its deep legal operations experience and skillset. The formal partnership builds on the existing relationship between the companies. EXTEND’s legal optimization consultants serve as strategic advisors, project managers, and implementation resources for its Fortune 50 and other clients who deploy Wolters Kluwer’s enterprise legal management technologies.

EXTEND recently sponsored the ELM Amplify 2020 conference, where it unveiled its Legal Operations Maturity Model, an innovative toolset and process for assessing, benchmarking, and optimizing legal department performance. The company’s unique approach to legal maturity enables organizations to visualize a 360-degree evaluation of the legal department across four key performance areas: spend analysis and management, data insight and evaluation, best practices gap analysis, and change, collaboration, and culture. Leveraging the assessment outcome, EXTEND works with legal department leaders to optimize performance, improve savings by 5% to 15% beyond technology implementation alone, and design strategic value into the organization.

To help Wolters Kluwer clients generate more efficiency and savings beyond the successful implementation of enterprise legal management tools, EXTEND is customizing its maturity model specifically for ELM Solutions clients. Regularly evaluating and tracking legal operations maturity and technology use can help organizations maintain high performance and ongoing savings, even when markets, industries, and outside counsel resources evolve.

“We are honored to be selected as members in the premier, global ELM Solutions Partner program,” noted Howard Hoffmann, CEO of EXTEND Resources. “We look forward to expanding our use of innovative Wolters Kluwer technologies and applying our experience in legal operations, legal technology, and law firm development to help clients generate greater value and optimal results.”

EXTEND is recognized in the legal sector – and a wide array of other industries –for its holistic approach to problem-solving, enabling teams to identify and enhance opportunities, and delivering transformative solutions that catalyze change, optimize results, and increase enterprise value.

“EXTEND Resources brings a distinctive blend of thoughtful strategy, disciplined processes, and data-driven operations to the legal optimization arena,” said Phil Neely, Head of Global Strategic Alliances at Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions. “Paired with Wolters Kluwer technologies, they can help clients ‘level up’ their legal ops ecosystem, driving operational efficiency, mitigating risk, reducing costs, and sustaining a culture of compliance.”

About EXTEND Resources

EXTEND Resources helps legal departments operate at peak efficiency by designing and implementing strategic value-enhancing strategies for both the department and the broader organization. Leveraging technology and innovation, capturing and using data proactively, and deploying proven best practices, EXTEND enables chief legal officers, general counsel, and their teams to transform operations, improve visibility, reduce risk, and drive enterprise-wide value. To learn how EXTEND can help you power performance, visit ExtendResources.com and follow the company on Twitter at @ThinkExtend.

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