What Makes For A Truly Relaxing Bath

There really is nothing quite like spending a half an hour or so luxuriating in a steaming hot bath at the conclusion of a stressful day. Never underestimate the power of setting aside a bit of quiet alone time whenever you can, as an effective way to detoxify and let go of accumulated tension. Baths are an accessible, straightforward way to achieve a sense of calm and control, and while you are at it, you can add some special features to make the entire experience feel like an appointment at the spa. To maximize the bath experience, consider following the pointers below.

First, take a few moments to create an appropriately sedate atmosphere by lighting some candles and collecting your bath needs. Place a fluffy towel and warm robe near the tub so those key elements are within reach. Once the water begins to run, make sure to regulate the temperature to your liking. While tolerance can vary, many find that baths are best when the water is hot enough to sting slightly upon entry. This also ensures that the bath remains warm for a decent amount of time.

Detoxification is a step not to avoid when taking a relaxing bath. Consider avoiding frou-frou bubble bath products and choosing LVWell CBD bath bombs instead. These are great for detoxifying the body and alleviating aches and pains after a strenuous workout. Just pour roughly two cups of the salts into the bath water as it runs.

Bath supplements are another great idea. These can include fragrant essential oils that not only add luxurious scents to the water, but also produce sensations of energy, relaxation, or serenity, depending on which ones you choose. When dry skin is causing problems during certain times of the year, a bit of coconut oil or milk bath can be added to the mix.

Never forget to keep hydration in mind while taking a long soak. Because a hot bath is likely to induce sweating, it is wise to drink water while engaging in this wonderful relaxation ritual. It is also find to indulge in different sorts of drinks during a warm soak, including tea, or perhaps even a little wine. If reading helps aid in relaxation, having a great book within arm’s reach is never a bad idea. The key, however, is to keep electronics out of the area. Unplugging is the goal of a warm bath, so resist the temptation to scroll on your phone the entire time.

For an added element of self-care, give yourself a beauty treatment of your choice once in a while as part of the bath experience. Face and hair masks that need to remain applied for at least half an hour are ideal. These will add hydration and also give that extra sense of being pampered.

When the water begins to chill, and the soak is nearing its end, exit the tub and apply a top-quality moisturizing product and snuggle into that warm robe. Now, the relaxation process is complete!

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