Best Self Defense Guns: The Ultimate Self Defense Guide

Long ago, there was an ancient human who picked up a solid object and killed the other person with that. That was the first murder from the written history. That very moment changed the world forever and introduced the art of self-defense. With passing time, the unfortunate events rose in numbers and creating the need for self-defense weapons. But carrying these weapons is necessary, or should it be avoided? Well, let’s have a look at what Will Smith said about self-defense. “If you stay ready, you don’t need to get ready.” 

Self Defense for Everyone!

No matter who you are or what you do, be it business or home safety. Keeping a weapon of self-defense has become the necessity of the current times. That being said, here is the list of the best four self-defense weapons you should buy from. 

1# Mid-Sized Pistol 

Mid-sized pistols work best for self-defense. If you have got a gun license, investing in a mid-sized FN series pistol would be the best move. These pistols are super easy to use, low on maintenance, and have very low recoil. What makes them the best option of self-defense is their affordable cost. You can get one from $800 to $1000, which is a good price for a good quality weapon. With that, you can easily get FN 590 accessories available in the market at low prices.  

2# Rifle

Rifles come under the home defense weapon category. They are insanely fast, aim accurate, and consist of a large magazine. Like FN series pistols, they can be modified as well. You can load them up with various accessories. The only drawback of getting a rifle is they are quite expensive and difficult to handle as their weight is much heavier than the pistol. However, if you still want to get a rifle in the budget, a PS90 rifle would be a good choice. You can get it for around $1500.  

3# Shotgun 

Just like rifles, shotguns also lay in the home defense or shop defense category. It is best to scare the intruders, have a nice short-range, and out of all the good points, the best thing about the shotgun is, it’s very reliable. The shotguns are affordable but have few shortcomings, like they are heavies than rifles and pistols. Only work for the short-range. If you’re looking to get a shotgun, an FN SLP would be the best for the starters. It costs around $1400. 

4# Revolver

Unlike pistols, a revolver carries more charm and fear. They are a bit old-school but very easy to operate and works really good for carrying it daily for self-defense. The few drawbacks of buying a revolver are it has troublesome recoil, and very slow reload, which can get you in trouble under unfortunate circumstances.  

Takeaway- What’s the best gun for self-defense? 

To be honest, its choice of weapon doesn’t really matter. You can go with any of the mentioned guns. They all would do the job. It all depends on practice. Because the situation in which you would need to use the guns will be very stressful, and at that time, the type of gun wouldn’t matter more than your training instincts. So, the final verdict would be, buy any weapon of your choice but practice it so you can handle them perfectly for your defense at the time of need.

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Seth Gambit