How to Make Money Easily with Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that is famous for sharing images for its content. It is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world that has 400 million active users. It has a ‘’pin’’ that we know as images that links with other websites and ‘’boards’’ where all pins are saved and collected at a time.

People enjoy its features, and it gains popularity and is known as a ‘’visual search engine’’ where you can search for all spices of images. People use it for their business promotions. So, you can make money with `Internet Marketing` on Pinterest.

Can we make money on Pinterest directly?

The answer is NO! Pinterest cannot use directly for earning purposes. However, Pinterest is using in making money strategy. It is an effective earning money path. Pinterest is the most effective way to grow a following, and people gain more website links, and affiliate links.

There are three fantastic ways to make money on Pinterest:

  • Send your Pinterest follows to your websites easily
  • Using referral links and refer products of companies to your followers on Pinterest
  • You can offer your products on Pinterest

I will like to explain these methods below for your better understanding:

Method#1-  send your Pinterest followers to your websites

If you have your blog and you have to monazite it through advertisements and approved by Google AdSense, then you can Pinterest as drive traffic on your websites to make money. For this purpose, you link ‘’pin’’ with your website directly. It is a cheap and easy way to get traffic on your blogs/websites.

Method#2- Using referral links and refer products of companies to your followers on Pinterest

If you are interested in affiliating then, it is an affordable and attractive way to make money on Pinterest. You try to increase your followers on Pinterest that much you can. When your success, then offer them the product of companies and put your referral links. With every referral link that you will have to get a commission through referral links. For this purpose, no need to develop your blog/websites. You can do this directly. Just remember that never use link shortens. It is against the Pinterest service policy.

Method#3- You can offer your products on Pinterest

If you have your blog/websites that you are offering different things, Pinterest is the cheapest and easy way to get followers. You can get traffic from Pinterest. It saves your time and money.

Step-by-step guide of `how to make money with Pinterest:

If you have to know all the Pinterest tools clearly and use their search engine then, you can easily rank keywords and get thousands of followers in less time follows mention below steps:

Step#1- Create Business Account

Create your business account on Pinterest, and make sure you have your verified domain as well. If you have both then, you can take rich pins.

Step#2- keyword research

you are selling your products on Pinterest or do affiliate. So, you have to put your keywords according to your niche that you are offing. It will reach customers to your products easily.

Step#3- watch your competitors

Watch your competitor’s strategy on Pinterest that they are using. Keep-eye an on the tactics they use for infusing customers, their keyword, and so on. It will help you a lot to understand Pinterest.

Step#4- customize your profile title  

Set your profile title that is high in research. Try to set a customized profile that has keywords. It will increase your chances of research. Moreover, use your target keywords.

Step#5- save your Pinterest pins

Save your pins to your boards; it will help Pinterest to give the right keyword context for your pin. However, create a visually appealing pin to be effective and engaging on Pinterest.

How you grow tariff on Pinterest for making money

First of all, it is necessary to be active. You should pay you all attention to pinning and check how it is performing. You should be engaging with your audience and responded to quarries as soon as possible. Send personal messages to people if you want.

Bonus tip: you can work as a virtual assistant and make money on Pinterest

There are thousands of people who have not enough time to spend on Pinterest and manage their accounts properly. So, they hire a virtual assistant for running their Accounts. Therefore, you can work as a virtual assistant and earn money easily.


I hope so you like my above article and get tips and tricks, how you can make money on Pinterest. But if you have any questions or any doubts, feel free to ask below. I will answer all of your questions quickly.

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