Disability Judges Launches, Providing Disability Claimants and Attorneys with Essential Advantages

Disability Judges has officially launched the organization’s website, designed to provide both SSI and SSDI disability claimants and attorneys with information, tools, and capabilities to build the strongest disability case possible. 

Online SourcesNovember 17, 2020  Disability Judges has officially debuted as a crucial online resource for disability claimants and attorneys. This robust resource delivers critical capabilities, helping to ensure the strongest disability case possible, and helping disability attorneys to be better prepared in court. 

“Knowledge is power and there is nothing more powerful than going into a courtroom prepared for success,” explained Jackie Delaney of Disability Judges. The website acts as a repository for important disability case-related data. SSI and SSDI claimants and disability attorneys require access to accurate information to make informed decisions, and Disability Judges is designed to empower that decision-making process.  

The most current data available is collected from the Social Security Administration (SSA), as well as the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), and then updated on the website monthly. Disability Judges offers direct access to data from over 160 national ODAR offices and more than 2,500 administrative law judges, including: 

  • Hearing wait time 
  • Judge caseloads  
  • Average hearing time 
  • Average processing time 
  • Average depositions per day per ALJ 
  • Percentage of cases dismissed, approved, or denied 

All data is organized and searchable using the judge’s name, but attorneys and claimants can also view all states, and then choose specific cities for further review. The website also includes a complete directory of all Social Security Field Offices, with updated contact information, as well as a disability calculator that offers accurate estimations of what a claimant might see in terms of monthly benefit payments in their disability case. 

“If you are an attorney who wants to win cases, this site is for you,” continued Jackie Delaney. “However, we also designed the website with claimants in mind. It’s all about access to information, plus the ability to understand judge tendencies and habits, court patterns, and other factors that affect claim outcome.” 

For more information about Disability Judges, or to explore the wealth of disability-related data available, visit https://www.disabilityjudges.com 

About Disability Judges: Designed by a team of legal experts with decades of disability experience, the Disability Judges website assists claimants and attorneys navigating the hearing stage of the disability benefits process to communicate, elaborate, and understand judge tendencies to effectively strategize over patterns that will help increase the chances of a successful hearing outcome. 

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