Study guide of PMP Exam with PMP Flash Cards

Preparing for the PMP certification exam is one of the toughest jobs. Therefore, you will need strategies to make your journey easier.

One of the most effective methods for studying is using `pmp flash cards`. PMP Flashcards- a set of cards that contain formula, question, and necessary information on each card.

These cards are useful, easy, and quick guide for your preparation as you can utilize them whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, there are numerous websites, like ``, that allow you to pay and download readymade flashcards to simplify your preparation.

Creating Your Own PMP Flashcards

Sitting for the PMP exam with full preparation is a must. The flashcards can aid you in the process. However, you can always create your own PMP flashcards. Although it will take some time, it is much more effective than downloading from untrusted sources.

Materials of a flashcard

Flashcards are probably one of the most important and effective ways to prepare for the PMP exam. As a result, you must be very precise and strategic when creating the card on your own.

There is a lot of information to put in a flashcard. The flashcard should be minimal and simple. This will allow you to be specific to the core topics and formulas. So, you must prepare a list of materials that you will include in the flashcard before designing the whole thing.

Some of the topics that should be included can be formulas, acronyms, inputs and outputs, tools and techniques, processes, definitions, project framework, and so on. However, you should remember that these are not the only topic to be covered.

There can be several other topics that you find difficult. Therefore, you should follow the PMBOK guidebook and come up with topics that are necessary for you.

Design your flashcard with creative features

The basic idea of the flashcard is to help you memorize the concepts. On one part, there will be questions. On the other part of the card, there will be answers to those questions. However, there are ways you can improve the quality of the piece of paper and memorize everything better.

Firstly,memorizing through visualization has always been a very efficient approach. You can use pictures that are relatable to you only to help yourself learn and remember the concepts better.

Secondly,you can use mnemonics. This is an effective way of memorizing by creating a bridge with the concept and something that you really like. You relate to that thing whenever you come across the formula or definition. This helps you remember everything clearly.

Lastly,whenever you are at home, you should practice reading loudly. When the words go in your ear through your voice, the chances of them staying in your brain goes higher. Therefore, you should include interesting facts on some cards to read them aloud and remember better.

Understanding the Significance of PMP Flash Cards as PMP Exam Study Material

You may have already understood the importance of creating a PMP flashcard on your own. Here we will look at some usefulness of using such cards in preparing for the PMP exam.

Actively study anytime at any place

Flashcards give you the portability and flexibility of your study. Even if you are in a public place, you can just get them out and read them. There are websites and apps that you can always carry on your phone.

Moreover, they allow you to be constantly in the mood to study. Maybe you are having lunch, and suddenly you cannot remember a definition. Just pull out the card and re-learn that immediately.

Repetitive and controlled learning

The flashcards are designed to ask one question in several ways. Thus, you can learn to answer one question in every possible manner. In addition, you can continuously learn tough and unmastered concepts over and over again.

Furthermore, the flashcards allow you to learn at your own speed. Somedays, you can be busy and decide to learn fewer concepts. Other days, you can set a schedule for a deep and longer period of learning.

Using both auditory and visual senses to memorize

Memorizing is a tough part of the PMP exam preparation. However, flashcards designed with several visual graphics and read aloud can help you in memorizing concepts easily.

Here, you use both your auditory and visual senses to learn topics. As a result, you will be able to remember them better during the actual exam.


Acquiring a PMP certificate is one of the toughest jobs. Preparing for the exam is even tougher. The PMP flashcards can help you in getting well-equipped with the concepts, definitions, formulas, and many more. You can remember and easily apply them during the actual exam. Thus, your chances of success will go higher.

Abdul Rehman