Instagram Famous Couple Domi & Frida about their dream trip to Santorini!

Domi and Frida, also known as @weloveourlifeon Instagram, are an Italian couple with more than half a million followers. They love to travel the world and share amazing content on theirblogand social media channels. Santorini was one of their last trips. This dream island has stolen their heart and they highly recommend that you visit it at least once in your life. Here, Domi and Frida share their travel experience in Santorini and why it’s considered by many to be a unique place in the world.

What did you love most about Santorini?
It’s difficult to choose just one thing, Santorini is a real gem. We fell in love with its breathtaking sunsets, the whitewashed cubic houses perched on the cliff and the blue-domed churches. Every view especially in the towns of Oa and Imerovigli is truly breathtaking. Indeed, not surprisingly, every year around two million people visit this beautiful of the Cyclades.

What’s your favorite photo spot on the island?
Santorini, like Mykonos too, is a paradise for photographers from all over the world. In fact, this island is full ofInsta-worthy spots. Most of these spots are in Oa, Imerovigli and Fira. Keep in mind that Santorini is very busy, especially in the summer months. So, for your perfect shot, we strongly recommend that you reach the photo spot early in the morning.

What is the best month to visit Santorini?
In our opinion, there is no better time to visit Santorini and it depends on your needs. If you love beach life, the summer months are the best for visiting the island. However, especially August is extremely crowded, the prices are the highest and you have to book your stay well in advance. The winter months are good for those who love peace and want to visit Santorini without mass tourism. In our view, May, June, late September and October are the best months to visit this island.

What about food in Santorini?
We love Greek food, especially Domi! Also, Santorini is famous for its wineries. Many restaurants and taverns on this island offer not only good food but also breathtaking views of the caldera. And this is one thing we definitely love about Santorini.

What do you want to recommend to those who are planning a trip to Santorini for the first time?
First of all book in advance especially if you want to visit Santorini in high season. Santorini is not a big island. However, it will take you about an hour from Oia to Kamari. Thus, we recommend that you rent a car. Don’t forget to arrive a little earlier than usual at the airport to go home. Santorini Airport is usually very busy in the high season. If you want to know more to better organize your trip to Santorini, don’t miss ourtravel guidefor first-time visitors.

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