New Investigative Agency Addresses the Needs of Texas Law Firms

Bawn relies on cloud-based technology to extend its investigative reach

November 2nd, 2020 – Austin, Texas. Bawn LLC is pleased to announce the opening of its headquarters office in Austin, Texas. Bawn is an investigation and security agency focused on supporting the needs of legal firms.

Comprised of former federal law enforcement, military, and intelligence professionals, Bawn provides sophisticated investigative services to address complex litigation matters. Though based in Austin, Bawn conducts investigations throughout the State of Texas, and plans to expand into additional areas during 2021. “Austin is an area to set up operations, as we are within 3 hours of all Texas’ major metropolitan areas,” advised CEO Jonathan Trimble. Though capable of handling a myriad of invetigation types, Bawn’s core of initial offerings will include due diligence investigation, person locates, background investigations, and covert surveillance.

Complex litigation often requires multi-state investigations. Most investigative agencies sub-contract these investigations to other vendors, which can lead to inconsistencies in reporting and investigative thoroughness. Bawn is incorporating methodologies used by global law enforcement agencies as well as a suite of communications and case management tools to conduct investigations across the country in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

“Today’s systems allow us access across the country to hire and certify the right people, collaborate on complex investigations, and provide consistent reporting in a manner to our clients that wasn’t possible just a few years ago,” Trimble said. Mr. Trimble is a former executive with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has a background in technology and international fraud investigations. “A full suite of tools and the right expertise is key to quickly resolving these more difficult investigations,” he advised. The agency incorporates professional services automation to best align its investigative resources and expertise with the specific needs of its clients. Bawn’s reliance on modern cloud-based systems allows it to maintain a smaller physical footprint and better control costs.

Bawn – “We are investigation and security experts. We help legal firms obtain the facts and evidence required to support positive outcomes. We help companies make smarter decisions, provide intelligence to take advantage of opportunities, and protect key assets.”

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