What Should You Do if Your MCAT Study Plans Have Been Disrupted Due to Coronavirus

An average student preparing for the MCATs will spend about twelve weeks in the study. Many will even take time off from work and school in order to be able to fully devote themselves to prepare for the Medical College Admission Test. The importance of passing and getting into medical school cannot be understated. As a result, having one’s plans disrupted due to the Coronavirus can be frustrating.

There are remedies, however, and the institutions that give the tests are well aware of the problems the outbreak is causing. They are adapting to this “new normal” and are making the appropriate changes. For anyone out there unsure of what they should be doing during these uncertain times, here are a few ideas of what to do if you’re trying to prepare for the MCAT:

Make Home Your Learning Center

Test preparation for the MCAT is important, and it will be likely that people will still be at some level of lockdown by the time students take the test. The best thing to do is to take advantage of this by studying from home and looking for things online.

Most texts that are needed can be found and read online now. There are also many different tools and resources available online for anyone taking the MCAT. First, the Internet is a great research tool, with many universities publishing much of its material online. There are also practice tests that one can download. Those looking for a tutor to help them study can even find sites and services online that offer the best MCAT prep courseif they require it.

Look at It as an Opportunity

It is easy to look at having spent weeks studying for the MCAT as a frustrating waste of time. After all, that test now has to possibly be rescheduled, meaning that when the time comes, you’re going to have to do it all over again, right?

Maybe not. A person can look at those weeks spent studying as wasted time, but one can also look at it as something that has now better prepared them for the future when they will have to commit to those twelve weeks again. Next time, those practice tests will be easier because you’ve already done much, or at least part of it, before.

In this case, know that you’ll probably have to study again for many weeks, but also know that it just might improve your final score, as well.

Don’t Worry About the Rescheduling Fee

The first thing that is probably a concern for most students out there who are no longer able to take their test on the originally scheduled date is the rescheduling fee. Under normal circumstances, anyone having to reschedule their exam, even if it is due to sickness, a sick family member, or even a death in the family, has to pay a rescheduling fee.

Is the fee a lot? No, but for studentswho already have massive amounts of student loans to repay one day, it can still mean spending more money on an already tight budget. The good news here is that, in light of how COVID-19 has forced closures of those same institutions that normally administrate the test, the fee is being waivedfor anyone directly affected by the outbreak.

Know to Keep Your Distance

Social distancing is still likely to be in effect by the time a rescheduled MCAT is likely to take place. So, as has been the practice of late, keep a distance of at least six feetfrom others when it comes time to do the exam.

The good news is that the new exams will also involve each student being seated at desks that will, indeed, be at least six feet away from each other.

Look Forward to a Shorter Exam

Yes, you should still spend a good twelve weeks preparingfor the exam, and if you feel you need more than that to be ready, then, by all means, set more time aside for test preparation.

You can relax a little bit, though, as the requirements of rescheduling so many exams have meant having more scheduled exams in the fall and more per day, as well. As a result, the exam will be shorter, which may make it a bit easier to approach some students out there. It’s still important to study, of course, but a shorter exam will at least put a few of your minds at ease.

Make Reservations, If You Can

For anyone looking to take advantage of any online services offering tutorials and tutors, but require payment and booking a virtual seat in an online class, keep in mind that even these classes do have limits.

To avoid finding that booked classes and tutors, it’s a good idea to book them ahead of time. So, the moment you find out when your MCAT is going to be, book a tutor or an online classroom right away.

Even with every issue that the COVID outbreak has brought, there are many more things that remain the same, like staying focused on your work and believing that you’re going to pass the exam is one of the best ways to make it happen.

Abdul Rehman