BioEnergy Code Review – Real User Review Of BioEnergy Code Program That You Should Read

There is no lack of techniques, programs, and frameworks that promise success in life – in whatever way you define it. But there is a huge noise-to-signal ratio when it comes to which of these strategies work, and how effectively.

A lot of such techniques are discredited as pseudoscientific and for good – they are. A lot of these “solutions” don’t actually have a lot of consistent success to their credit and their rate of success could be no more than a coin toss. Can the Bioenergy Code tangibly shift the odds in your favor?

There are countless people that just seem to be getting where they want to in life and one cannot help but think that their life is a jigsaw puzzle where the piece is falling into place one right after another. It is so picturesque that it seems unbelievable.

It is hard to not envy the lives of those that seem to go better than planned. Is it possible that something can be done to fix this, and bring it from the realms of chance and fluke to something tangible over which we have control?

According to the Bioenergy Code reviews, the answer is a resounding yes. Let us take a look at what the Bioenergy Code has to offer.

The BioEnergy Code Review – What is it about?


Some people have the natural ability to pursue and realize the best outcomes. Even when a seeming calamity or misfortune strikes them, it is clearly an opportunity that brings them unimaginable success in life.

The BioEnergy Code argues that this is not because of luck but because of an innate connection between how their innate desires are facilitated by the surroundings. This almost seems like wishful thinking or the law of attraction but The BioEnergy Code takes a separate route.

Different from the law of attraction, the BioEnergy Code is a comprehensive program that shifts your paradigm in life.

Combining the best of both worlds, the BioEnergy Code ties the findings of scientific study with the realizations of traditional wisdom together to present a comprehensive program aimed at clearing your path by priming you for all your innate potential. But let’s take a closer look at how all of this actually works.

Angela Carter – The author of the BioEnergy Code.

The Code was created by Angela Carter who hit rock bottom when her ex-husband visited her and their son with the new wife and that was the final straw to consider how life was just not working out for her.

Through a serendipitous chain of events, she found herself in Kathmandu, in a meditation center that had an unconventional tradition of transformation and practices that changed her way of looking at life and processing life events.

Angela realized that such a transformation could be immediate and formulated the program with the help of Anthony – the man that taught the method to her and ran the meditation center.

The BioEnergy Code – How it works.

The program works first by realigning the energy centers – the Chakras. The process builds on traditional Chakra therapy but optimizes it so that it doesn’t faster and works on all energy centers at once.

The next step is to channel and source the worldly wisdom and guidance and not just understand it, but to actually concretize it at the subconscious level of the mind.

This is done over the course of nine phases. Here is a look at what the BioEnergy Code looks like :

Phase # 1 – this involves realigning the brain to a receptive, meditative state by the use of certain neuro frequencies.

Phase # 2 – activates the switch which allows you to become receptive to the resources potentially available at your disposal by activating the Root Chakra.

Phase # 3 – elevating emotional intelligence, this phase affirms the healthy balance to be found in all your relationships that you always wanted – including how you relate with yourself – by activating the Sacral Chakra.

Phase # 4 – reaffirms the core transformed self so that you are better anchored in a deeper sense of confidence and happiness by activating the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Phase # 5 – explores and acknowledges the love on the other side of rejection, failure, and fear. This phase emphasizes the recognition of an intrinsic love beyond the chains of boundaries and expectations by activating the Heart Chakra.

Phase # 6 – activating the Throat Chakra, this phase gives rise to an expression of self-reflection and truth which is an insane value mentioned in this bioenergy code review.

Phase # 7 – this phase of the BioEnergy Code activates the Third Eye Chakra and provides an intuitive realization of innate ability and displaces your sense of unhealthy self-doubt with decided will-power.

Phase # 8 – shifting the focus up to the top of the head and engaging the Crown Chakra, there is a strong sense of solidarity.

Phase # 9 – the final phase of the BioEnergy Code, with all the centers activated, your existence is now opened to the flow of manifestation. This phase also reaffirms a sense of wholeness – that there is no inadequacy that makes your being inferior or incomplete.

Unlike other manifestation strategies and pranic healing practices, the BioEnergy Code takes a direct approach to flip the switch, clearing the blockages, realigning the chakras, and activating them to open the channel between you and your manifestation in the universe.

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The BioEnergy Code – What can you get out of it?

The first benefit of the BioEnergy Code is that the program is meant to awaken your core human potential in a fundamentally transformative process. This means that you do not have to be dependent on a program as a crutch and spend a lot of money or time.


The guidance that is a result of the BioEnergy Code helps you transcend your prior perspectives and awaken a deep-seated sense of positivity. This is helpful because a lot of programs leave a lot of one’s experiences open to interpretation and it can become difficult what the conclusions can be.

The BioEnergy Code will provide a shortcut that binds your affirmation with the manifestation of the universe very accurately. The signal to noise ratio has been gauged to be very high in the experience of the participants that have followed this unconventional form of meditation. All this happens in a short span of just 30 minutes.

The BioEnergy Code raises core energy levels that immediately make you reassess not just whether or not you can fulfill your dreams but also expand your vision to help you dream bigger.

This is truly where the BioEnergy Code outshines other programs because the BioEnergy Code takes that final, very necessary step of giving you the confidence to not just seek what you have always sought but entirely reinvent yourself.

This might not sound easy but the bonus that Angela provides with the program specifically helps with the fears that come in the way of reinventing yourself so as to manifest the right things.

The BioEnergy Code – Price and Bonuses.

This program, as of the pandemic, is being provided at its lowest price at $37. It may be costlier (or cheaper) on other portals, but the resources are counterfeit and the websites are not trustworthy.

The only place it is safe to purchase this program is at, the official website.

Unlike a lot of these programs, Angela provides a money-back guarantee worth an entire year if you change your mind.

Along with the essential program that you can follow diligently to realign yourself every day, the BioEnergy Code also comes with a few bonuses.

The first bonus provided is the Manual. The Manual is 154 pages long that comprehensively explains everything about Chakras, from its roots, to how they get blocked over time and how they can be cleansed. This provides a deeper understanding of how the Code works and how it is an improvement on the older methods.

The second bonus is Angela’s “5-Minute BioEnergy Healing” – a resource that you use when life’s stresses affect the alignment between you and your manifestation. A realignment is conventionally a painstakingly long process but with the BioEnergy Code, this happens in real-time, in under just 5 minutes from the schedule.

The third bonus is the “BioEnergy Code Decoded”. It is a visual layout of the entire process from the chakra cleansing to manifestation.

The fourth and final bonus is the “the Heart Energy Activator”, which transforms the single most driving factor for your quality of experience. This bonus is a guided meditation meant to deal with the blockage in the energy field of the heart caused by fear.

The BioEnergy Code Review – Final Thoughts

At the significantly low cost of investment compared to other manifestation programs and the clear walkthroughs on how one can be realigned to their maximum possible benefit via authentic manifestation, the BioEnergy Code is a program well worth trying to achieve the success so many others have which is explained in’s Bioenergy Code review

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