Blaux Heater Review – Portable Mini Ceramic Heater launched

What is Blaux Heater?

The Blaux Heater is a mini ceramic heater that provides heat quickly. This means that the heat fan, which starts to emit warm air as soon as it is switched on, can quickly provide a pleasant temperature while other heaters warm up slowly. The mini ceramic heater is relatively small and therefore not suitable for heating large rooms. However, while you are sitting in the office or on the couch, the Mini Ceramic Heater specifically provides pleasant temperatures in the air surrounding you.

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In addition, the Mini Ceramic Heater contains an anti-microbial filter that filters out bacteria and odors. Since the Blaux Heater is also very energy-efficient, it saves additional heating costs – especially in the winter months. This is mainly due to the fact that the Mini Heater produces warm air using efficient ceramic heating technology. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Why do I need this Mini Heater?

People who live in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland can hardly do without heaters. After all, the outside temperatures between September and April are often so cool that additional heating of the interior can hardly be avoided. Fortunately, almost every house has a central heating system or other powerful heating devices. Nevertheless, it must be considered that all these heating methods need time to warm up when they are switched off and do not have to run the whole day because a completely heated apartment only costs money when you are not at home. When you then come home again – for example from work – only a certain basic heat is left.

You first have to turn the radiators back on to let heat into the room. This is where the Blaux Heater comes in. You can place the Mini Ceramic Heater next to you and as soon as it is supplied with electricity, it warms you. This way you are optimally warmed until the radiators have warmed up.

If you heat your home with infrared heaters, for example, you don’t know the problem of slowly heating radiators. But even if this is the case for you, you can still benefit from the Blaux Heater. After all, you don’t stay exclusively in your own four walls during the winter months. You are regularly at your place of work and around Christmas you might go on vacation or to your relatives – and there the heating behavior can be quite different than at home. Because the Blaux Heater is so small and handy, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. At work, you can place the heater directly on your desk, and during your winter vacation, the Mini Ceramic Heater will also find its place.Click here and discover the current discount!

Blaux Heater recommendation

The Blaux Heater makes a stable and high-quality impression at first glance. But considering the technical facts of this heater, the Mini Ceramic Heater can also shine with its inner values. Thus it is a heater with ceramic heating technology. This technology is known for its energy efficiency, from which you can benefit especially in terms of heating costs. The supplier at least promises exactly that. If you use the Blaux Heater for heating, you can set different power levels. The lowest level runs at 700 watts and the highest level at 1200 watts. For a mini ceramic heater of this size, the performance values are quite satisfactory, if not better than some comparable devices. However, you can use the Blaux Heater not only to warm up during the cold winter months.

The Mini Heater also has a fan mode. If you set it to fan mode, no heat will be emitted from the Mini Ceramic Heater – only air will be expelled, creating a pleasant draught of air that can cool you down, especially in midsummer. With the help of the integrated timer you can individually set whether the Mini heater should run for one, two or three hours. If necessary, you can also switch off the Mini Ceramic Heater early. Alternatively, you can use the standby switch. The heater can be switched on and off with the power switch on the back. A big advantage of this compact, durable device is therefore also the ease of use. To prevent accidents when the Mini Heater is not standing upright on a surface – for example, when it is upside down – the Mini Ceramic Heater has a gravitational safety switch. This ensures that the heater switches off as soon as it is no longer upright.

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The heater is powered by electricity. The necessary cables can be connected directly to the back of the device, as there is a built-in device for organization. You will also find a quick release cover on the back. It is used to replace the ZPT anti-microbial filters, one of which is already integrated. The filters serve to filter out bacteria and unpleasant odours from the air and can thus contribute to general well-being.Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Blaux Heater technical facts

  • Energy-efficient ceramic heating technology
  • fan mode (no heat)
  • Maximum power: 1200 Watt
  • minimum power: 700 Watt
  • Timer: 1 – 3 hours
  • Standby switch
  • Power switch on the back
  • Gravity safety switch, switches off the Mini Ceramic Heater when it is not upright
  • Organization of the power cables possible on the back
  • quick-release cover on the back: easy replacement of the ZPT anti-microbial filter
  • Scope of delivery: Blaux Heater, ZPT Anti-microbial filter (built-in), operating instructions, storage box

What about Blaux Heater quality aspects?

The supplier of the Blaux Heater promises high quality. He talks about the fact that the Mini Ceramic Heater is designed to heat rooms faster than other heating methods can. At the same time, it is a heat fan that can be used permanently and is made of materials that ensure long-lasting quality. Furthermore, the supplier promises a quick and easy installation of the Blaux Heater. As soon as the Mini Ceramic Heater is delivered, it can be taken out of the box and immediately set up and used, according to the supplier. Before that, only the power cord must be plugged into a socket.

If you find within the first 30 days of delivery that the Blaux Heater is not suitable for you, you can return it to the supplier. You will then receive your money back. However, please make sure that the supplier does not make the return option subject to certain requirements.

Blaux Heater customer reviews

Although the Blaux Heater is new on the market, you can already find some meaningful reviews from people who already use the heat fan. Some experiences were also published on the official website of the supplier. The reviews are very positive – a large percentage of users even rate the Blaux Heater with five out of five stars. The reviewers not only give clear recommendations for the heat fan. They also report that the Mini Ceramic Heater provides temperature very quickly, even in very cold rooms. The safety precautions integrated into the Blaux Heater are also rated positively, as they ensure a safe feeling especially in households with children or pets and minimize the risk of accidents. In terms of power consumption, reviewers also see a clear advantage in the Blaux Heater over other heating methods.More customer reviews can be found by clicking this link!

Where can I order Blaux Heater?

Would you like to use the Mini Ceramic Heater in the coming winter? Then you can find more detailed information about the Blaux Heater on the website of the official supplier. Here you also have the opportunity to order the heat fan. From the home page, you can access the order process directly via a button. Here you can choose how many of the Blaux Heater you would like to buy. Do you only need a mini ceramic heater for your living room or would you like to take a fan heater with you to your office? Maybe the Blaux Heater is also a perfect gift for loved ones from your circle of friends or family. In this case it might be worthwhile to order several heat fans immediately. Currently, the supplier offers a 50 percent discount on the Mini Ceramic Heater – regardless of the order quantity.Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

General information about Mini heaters

Mini heaters are handy and much cheaper heating options than classic radiators. However, the Mini heater is used for the selective generation of heat and is therefore mostly used as an additional heat source when no heating is available or the original heat is not sufficient. The Mini heater is usually only so large that it can be carried around easily and placed wherever it is needed. So you can use such a heater outdoors, but you can also put it in your living room or on your office desk if needed. In order for the heater to generate heat, it usually needs electricity. The supply is ensured by a conventional power cable. There are also some models that can be powered by solar energy or gas. These variants are then also ideal for outdoor activities such as camping.

If you decide to buy a mini heater, you should check the common purchase criteria and check each individual device. The probably most important aspects of a Mini heater are clearly the performance and consumption. Also, the operation of the Mini heater plays an important role. After all, the device should be quickly assembled and just as quickly put into operation. If you want to change the location of the Mini Heater from time to time, the size of the Mini Heater is also an important criterion for the purchase. But you should also consider possible extras in your purchase decision.

  • Performance: A Mini heater is not nearly as powerful as classic heaters. The regular Mini Heaters have an output of 500 watts. There are also smaller models with only 250 watts. The Blaux Heater, for example, is one of the much more powerful devices in view of these figures – after all, it has an output of 700 to 1200 watts. This makes this heater also ideal for outdoor use.
  • Consumption: Mini heaters are generally more energy-efficient than classic heaters. The energy consumption is therefore significantly lower – but so is the heating power.
  • Operation: The operation of the Mini heater should be as easy as possible. A power switch, a temperature setting and a timer are the only possibilities for adjustment in most devices. The operation is accordingly simple. However, some devices have a stepless temperature setting, a digital display or a switch-off function. In these cases you should take a closer look at the device.

Visit the official website here!

Known FAQ about this product

Q: I have pets, is the Mini heater still safe?
A: The Blaux Heater has a power bot on the back. It also has a gravity safety switch built-in. This greatly reduces the risk of an accident caused by a pet. The integrated timer also ensures that you don’t accidentally forget to turn off the heater.

Q: How is the heat fan switched on and operated?
A: First you have to press the power switch on the back of the Mini Ceramic Heater. Then use the “Fan, High, Low” switch to select whether you want to use the cooling fan function or the heating function in the desired heat. Next to it you will find another button that allows you to set the timer. The settings you select will light up with a small LED light right next to the button.

Q: Can the Mini heater heat the whole room?
A: For its size, the Blaux Heater has enormous power. However, it is hardly able to heat a whole room. For this you need another heating method, like central heating or infrared heating. The Blaux Heater is primarily intended to warm you up when the ambient air is too cool for your sensation. This may be the case if you are at your desk in the office and colleagues have opened the windows to let in air, if the heating does not work well or if you have just got home and the radiators need to warm up first.

Q: Can the Blaux Heater also be used outside?
A: A mini heater like the Blaux Heater can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Of course, you should keep in mind that the warm air evaporates much faster when you are outside. Therefore you should turn up the heating power a little bit. Basically, there is nothing to prevent the Blaux Heater from being used outdoors – as long as the heat fan is installed in a place protected from moisture.

Q: Can the Blaux Heater also be used in summer?
A: At first this question seems inappropriate at this point. After all, the Blaux Heater is a heater. But at the same time the Mini Ceramic Heater is also able to discharge unheated air. You only have to decide on the fan function when you switch on the device. Because of this function it is therefore quite possible to use the Blaux Heater in summer.

Visit the official website here!

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