General Steel Avoids Layoffs During COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on all of our lives. Like countless other businesses, General Steel has experienced a disruption in business. Unlike many other companies, however, the nationwide steel building provider has embraced the challenge, remaining active in the industry and keeping its sights set on the future.

Throughout the pandemic, General Steel has continued to serve clients by providing durable, high-quality metal buildings. At the same time, the company has maintained its core strength, which centers on top-quality materials, in-depth expertise and, above all else, a skilled staff of experienced professionals.

“While other companies have had to cut staff during the outbreak, we’ve avoided layoffs,” said Travis McCain. “Part of this is because we regard our talented co-workers as family. It’s also because we recognize the value we have in each knowledgeable staff member.”

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many companies to experience declining profits. Throughout the country, many have responded by laying off huge portions of their workforce. While this may be a practical way to cut costs in the short-term, it will make it difficult for many of these companies to meet their customer’s needs when things begin to normalize.

“At General Steel, we have a rock-solid, long-term business model,” said McCain. “We don’t panic and make knee-jerk reactions during times of uncertainty. We understand that business will be booming throughout America again very soon, and we want to make sure we maintain our impressive staff, so we can continue to provide timely, expert service for each and every customer.”

To support economic development even in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, General Steel is also offering its lowest prices in years. This rare move is designed to help the nation’s businesses secure affordable, high-performing metal buildings that allow them to continue serving the American public during the outbreak and well beyond.

“America’s businesses always find a way to preserver, even in the midst of incredible challenges,” said McCain. “Whether it’s a financial crisis or worldwide pandemic, business continues, and life goes on. As America’s most trusted and recognized metal building company, we are proud to support these efforts by offering special prices on our metal buildings.”

According to McCain, General Steel is uniquely positioned to offer special rates during this challenging period, thanks to its widespread reputation as a leader in the industry.

“As the top metal building supplier in the United States, we have the industry’s greatest buying power,” said NMcCain. “Unpredictable events can cause steel prices to rise and fall with only a moment’s notice. When companies work with us, however, they gain access to our unique price-protection program. When we combine this with our special rates, customers enjoy incredible savings at a time when they need it most.”

The special, limited-time rates provide companies with a rare opportunity to elevate their business operations by investing in the same buildings that Fortune 500 companies have depended on to manufacture every product imaginable.

According to McCain, flexible steel buildings are a great way to streamline efficiencies, boost operational capabilities and help companies secure their futures.

“Steel buildings are the most practical, versatile and durable solutions for modern businesses,” said McCain. “They come with lower costs and provide incredible longevity. They are also low maintenance and have much shorter construction timelines. The endless versatility and incredible durability make them a worthy investment for a wide variety of enterprises.”

With exceptional versatility, steel structures are perfectly suited for everything from agricultural producers and breweries to auto shops, aircraft hangers, casinos, car washes, churches, fitness centers, horse stables and commercial properties. Empowered by a full staff of experienced professionals, General Steel is well equipped to meet the unique needs of each business, whatever its industry.

While many businesses have had to cut staff during the pandemic, forward-thinking companies are still looking for ways to adapt and strengthen their positions; so they will have the capability and agility to expand operations as things continued to normalize. By maintaining a full staff and reducing prices during the outbreak, General Steel has cemented its position as America’s leading provider of top-quality steel buildings.

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