Audio fitness trends boom as this unique adventure fitness app gets listeners training for an apocalypse

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Consumption of audio fitness content has boomed during the lockdown, people are turning to audio cues for fitness instruction, whilst getting a much-needed break from screen fatigue. Apps like the NHS’ Couch to 5k, which provides a personal running coaching, have sky rocketed, with a 92% increase in downloads compared to 2019 (March to June). Having to train alone means many consumers are looking for new and innovative ways to stay motivated and engaged during their home workouts.

Apocalypse Survival Training is an app that fuses fitness and storytelling for an immersive action-packed ‘bootcamp’ experience that is guaranteed to get hearts pumping.

This audio fitness adventure places you and your workout at the centre of an epic storyline, which is set in an alien invasion of the London of an alternative reality, where the lives of city’s survivors are in your hands. The high-quality audio production includes full cast, composition, sound effects and binaural processing to really place you in the middle of all the action.

The story unfolds over three workout types, giving you the skills that you need to survive each stage of the apocalypse. There are also rewards to be earned, such as nuggets of top-secret intel, which are revealed as you complete each episode. The unlocked intel, progress and run logs are stored in the ‘Talon’ section of the app.

The three workout types are Speed (running), Strength (body-weight circuits) and Control (stretch and core). The training programmes have been written by experts, and each exercise is fully instructed by characters

There are options for both new and experienced fitness fans, to cater for a variety of different fitness levels and abilities; you can also view the exercises from each episode before you hit play to ensure you’re comfortable with them.

Adele Andersen, founder of Apocalypse Survival Training, says “We have seen over 150% increase in downloads over the lockdown compared to the same period in 2019. Users are looking for something a little different to give them that push they need at home, to get moving, and keep moving.”

Apocalypse Survival Training app is available to download via the App Storeand Google Play storeand includes two free trial plays of episode 1 – you can then continue your mission by purchasing single episodes or a package (6.99 for the first 10 episodes or 0.99 per episode, or unlock a 5.99 special offer at the end of Episode 1). Are you ready to survive against all odds?

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Notes to Editors:

Apocalypse Survival Trainingwas launched in May 2019 by its founder Adele Andersen and since lockdown downloads have increased by 150%. Adele grew up in Adelaide wanting nothing more to ride horses and write fantasy novels, she only planned a short stay in the UK 2006, but never left London! She has worked as a PT and freelance group exercise instructor for eleven years, running Ravenscourt Bootcamp in West London, as well as virtual bootcamps during the lockdown. Describing herself as a ‘passionate geek’, her love of fantasy and exercise has come together in the AST app.

Her husband Rasmus arrived from Denmark in 2005 to pursue a London music education, and is now a vocalist, vocal coach, composer and music producer with his own company Raw Vocals, and is the singer of legendary NWOBHM band Diamond Head. He is responsible for AST’s full audio production, binaural processing and composition.

Married in 2017, this unique couple have been involved in with every aspect of AST’s app development – creating a unique concept which makes exercise thrilling and a truly ‘exter-tainment’ experience!

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