ClimateCheck Launches First Property Level Assessments of Climate Change Driven Wildfire Impacts on Homes, Land

ClimateCheck today announced the launch of its free, easy-to-access online platform that enables consumers to instantly assess any property’s vulnerability to environmental impacts related to climate change such as wildfires or coastal flooding. ClimateCheck is the first company to offer a complete picture of climate risks at the doorstep level.

Climate change driven impacts are increasingly affecting local communities with long periods of unusually hot weather, severe storms, wildfires, and flooding. Many of these hazards vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and home to home, creating challenges for homeowners making long-term investment decisions without visibility on how climate change could impact their property over time.

“Billions of dollars of real estate are at risk from climate driven events and it’s critical that consumers have the same information as the experts in order to make informed decisions,” said Skylar Olsen, ClimateCheck’s Principal Economist. “We’ve democratized incredibly complex analyses and data from leading scientists and organizations into a user-friendly platform. Now we can all understand how climate change impacts us and — even more importantly — what we can do about it.”.

ClimateCheck combines and analyzes the most trusted climate data from academic and government institutions with property-level data, giving homeowners, buyers, and others the most individualized look at how climate change will affect their home or property. Data is sourced from 30 downscaled global climate models from agencies including NOAA, USGS, the National Hurricane Center, the US Forest Service, and FEMA, and informed by up-to-date academic research.

ClimateCheck provides five individual ratings for every home — flood, storm, fire, heat and drought. They then combine these to create an overall risk rating that gives people an assessment of their overall risk of climate hazard from five to 40 years from now, using data that’s available today and updated regularly. Climate checks are tabulated across the contiguous United States for meaningful comparisons between any locations.

Consumers can compare the climate risks of different areas before buying and homeowners can assess their home’s risk and take steps to mitigate the threats.

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