Novara Launches New SaaS Social Media Search Tool for Litigation E-Discovery

Attorneys can now simultaneously search and locate posts, comments and messages from client’s social media profiles for accelerated and cost-efficient e-discovery

Novara, the first tool that allows users to simultaneously search, review and manage data from multiple social media accounts, today announced its launch and subscription availability for the legal industry. The platform easily and efficiently imports client’s social media profiles, providing a wealth of data not typically accessible through any of the other discovery collection methods currently available.

Novara’s platform helps attorneys in personal injury, family law, corporate investigations and medical malpractice disputes to simultaneously search and locate posts, comments and messages from all of their client’s social media accounts.

Previously, searching social media accounts was a cumbersome process that required manually scrolling each web page or searching via keywords. With Novara, attorneys and staff can easily search, tag and export thousands of posts in minutes, producing legally defensible and authentic evidence.

Novara’s platform offers the following features and benefits:

  • Social Media Search Platform: Search, review, tag and export a client’s social media posts, media, private messages and more than 80 other unique data points.
  • Manage Social Media Data: Tag, save and export posts in PDF, HTML and DAT format with bates numbering. Create load files to import into other software including review tools for litigation or investigations.
  • Multi-Platform Search: Review a client’s entire social media history from all the major platforms via one simple timeline and search.

“The majority of us are on social media, posting photos, comments and sharing all about ourselves,” said Aaron Vick, a founding member of the Novara platform. “After wasting so much time looking for relevant posts or comments, we knew there had to be a better way to find relevant data. We created Novara to revolutionize the way attorneys and legal professionals search social media. Now they can find the authentic and defensible information they need to win their cases.”

With incredibly fast export speeds, Novara searches, reviews and tags thousands of posts with custom filters and options, eclipsing traditional search methods. Additionally, Novara streamlines data transfers into major e-discovery platforms and case management software systems.

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