Equity Research veteran Dr. John Roy, Ph.D., joins Water Tower Research as Managing Director – IT Hardware & Communications Equipment

Water Tower Research LLC (www.watertowerresearch.com) is pleased to announce that veteran sell-side equity research analyst Dr. John Roy, Ph.D., has joined the firm in the position of Managing Director – IT Hardware & Communications Equipment. In his new role at Water Tower Research, Dr. Roy will continue to provide cutting-edge equity research coverage of IT hardware companies supplying hardware to both commercial and individual users, and communications equipment companies which power the connected world.

Commenting on Dr. Roy’s addition to Water Tower Research’s equity research staff, CEO & Co-Founder Tim Gerdeman stated “I am pleased to have a Wall Street technology professional of Dr. Roy’s stature join Water Tower Research’s issuer-sponsored equity research platform, while institutional and retail investors will be major beneficiaries of Dr. Roy’s world-class research.” Also commenting on the hire of Dr. Roy, Water Tower Research President & Co-Founder Shawn Severson stated “Dr. Roy is a natural fit on Water Tower Research’s equity research platform which utilizes industry leading digital technology to transform how modern equity research is distributed to and accessed by investors worldwide.”

Prior to Water Tower Research, Dr. Roy worked as lead analyst at UBS covering IT Hardware, Communications Equipment, and IT Services. During his 20 years covering technology stocks on the sell-side, Dr. Roy was also a lead analyst covering Alternative Energy, Advanced Materials, and Nanotechnology at Merrill Lynch, W.R. Hambrecht, and Janney Montgomery Scott. Before his sell-side equity research career, Dr. Roy was a lead software architect at J.P. Morgan, an AI sales engineer at Neuron Data, and a systems engineer and AI researcher at Hughes Aircraft.

Dr. Roy holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine, a MSEE degree from the University of Southern California, and a BSEE degree from the University of California, San Diego where he was a Regents Scholar.

With “Research for the Other 99%”, Water Tower Research’s issuer-sponsored equity research is free-to-access for all institutional and retail investors, whereas traditional commission- and subscription-based equity research is intentionally limited to a narrow paying audience.

Water Tower Research’s particular research emphasis is on assisting companies whose respective products, services and associated investment themes directly overlap with megatrends that most interest investors today, including but not limited to sustainable investing; climate tech; bioeconomy; biotechnology; energy efficiency / energy storage / renewable energy; information technology hardware & communications equipment; emerging growth; industrial technology; specialty & electronic chemicals; advanced materials; agriculture, food & nutrition; disruptive consumer businesses; water management / conservation; and emerging healthcare technology.

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