Austin, Texas Home Sellers are Warned by Industry Expert

In Austin, one of thehottest real estate markets,home sellers may be getting far less than they deserve!

Austin, Texas is one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation. But selling in a hot market can have a lot of issues for home sellers, and in the FREE webinar,A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers,real estate industry expert and thought leader Harold Ware, issues a warning:

“No seller wants to get below market value for their home. However, the shocking truth is that according toFannie Mae, the Federal National Mortgage Associationbacked by the US government, about65% of homes sell for below market value. And even in a hot real estate market like Austin, Texas, mosthomeowners are selling their homes for much less than the maximum potential value.”

How are Austin home sellers getting short changed? Harold Ware explains, “In Austin, 99% of sellers are using antiquated traditional property methods and leaving money on the table. It’s the maximum potential price that sellersshouldaim for, not just current market value.”

In fact, Harold Ware says that having your home for sale at this time in a hot real estate market like Austin, Texas, can be confusing. “Sellers think that getting an offer above the asking price, even with multiple offers, is the ultimate goal. But the truth is that Austin home sellers could actually be losing up to 20% or more of the maximum potential price for their home if they don’t leverage the principle of price elasticity.”

Home sellers are looking for the missing link to selling their homes for significantly more money.Achieving this goalispossible according to the host ofA Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers.Harold Ware says:

“Depending on the price elasticity range of your home, there are many different marketing strategies. I’ve worked with thousands of traditional agents and have never seen even one of them attempt to do a price elasticity assessment using the right data and process. Every home should have a preliminary price elasticity assessment. This is the missing link to selling homes for significantly more than traditional property marketing methods.”

A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellersshares a radical new way of selling real estate that’s making traditional agents obsolete and replacing antiquated property marketing.

Harold Ware adds: “For many people, their home is their biggest asset. Over the past decades, I’ve helped home sellers get 5, 10, or 20% more for their homes than traditional methods. Most home sellers would love to sell their homes for an extra $50,000 or even $100,000, or more. This revolutionary home selling system ensures that home sellers make smart property marketing decisions and avoid costly home selling mistakes. And it’s available to Austin, Texas home sellers now.”

Home sellers who want to learn these valuable insights are encouraged to register for the free webinar,A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers. In today’s uncertain times, financial well-being matters more than ever.

About Harold Ware, Host of the Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers Webinar:

In his nearly two decades as Maxavenue’s founder and CEO, Harold Ware has helped thousands of home sellers earn 5-20% or more for their homes, and generated billions of dollars of real estate sales nationwide. He’s also helped train over 8,000 top real estate agents and 500 brokers and owners. Now, he’s bringing his revolutionary home selling method direct to consumers.

Registration is now available for the upcoming free webinar A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers

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