Patent Success in 2020 During the COVID-19 Economy: Patent Prosecution Attorney Celebrates 10-Years of Client Service


Dorian Cartwright’s patent law firm specializes in patent prosecution of the electrical arts and serving hi-tech start-up and Fortune 500 clients in Silicon Valley and abroad

SAN JOSE, CA – While 2020 has been a year some may want to quickly move past with many businesses downsizing if not closing, it is only the beginning for Patent Attorney Dorian Cartwright. Since founding the Law Office of Dorian Cartwright over a decade ago on the heels of the Great Recession, clients of Dorian have come to him to face a wide range of patent and general intellectual property counseling, mainly including the drafting, filing, and prosecuting of hundreds of patent applications. And 2020 has been one of the biggest years so far for his firm.

“It’s hard to believe I built my firm more than 10 years ago and have been practicing 20 years already. Experience in the dynamics of the economy on top of the complexity of patent prosecution puts me in a unique position for servicing clients,” said founder Dorian Cartwright. He continued to explain, “In 2000, when I started practicing patent prosecution at Fenwick & West, LLP, I was guiding clients through patent strategies up the DotCom Boom and down the DotCom Bust. In 2010, when I started my firm, I was guiding clients on the heels of the Great Recession and into a subsequent economic expansion. Now, in 2020, I have again adapted to guide clients during the COVID slow down, and now, in preparation for the post-COVID economy.”

Even the specific technologies of patent prosecution relate to the current economy. Dorian saw a recent uptick not only in electronic inventions for dealing with COVID, including a robot for viral disinfection and COVID outbreak detectors but also in e-commerce inventions and distributed computer networking as supporting technologies for working from home during shelter-in-place. “Different societal stresses inspire different innovations,” says Dorian and, “integrating these identified changes into real-time service for my clients is my passion.”

Safety-wise, in-person client visits have shifted to Zoom and other video conferencing means. Attorney Cartwright says the firm was already situated, nearing 100% paperless and contactless operations before COVID. “This new normal is prior art around here” he jokes.

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