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Million-dollar verdicts, virtual proceedings, and invaluable webinars structured to adapt dominated this quarter. Here are a few highlights from our Trial Structure consultants:

  • Kyle Sherman and Chuck Bennett helped three young lawyers get a $5 million verdict. The attorneys approached Kyle with concerns that the success of their new firm was riding on the outcome. They were fighting to change the life of their plaintiff who was wrongfully terminated. Over the course of 4 days, Kyle and Chuck helped them simplify a 3-year-old case into one compelling narrative that earned right-sized justice for the clients. Trial Structure is especially proud that the firm was recognized with an Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award for their work on the case.
  • Ilya Lerma structured a bad faith case in Arizona. The odds were stacked against her and her clients. A $300K estimate for hard future medical costs, the jury’s awareness of ongoing worker’s compensation benefits, and the judge eliminating punitive damages, to name a few. The final verdict? $4.2 million in pain and suffering damages.

“My clients always say amazing things, especially after they get a good result. When they start to recognize that there are many layers to Trial Structure’s delivery and a lot of compelling persuasions involved, that just makes me want to burst at the seams,” Ms. Lerma said. “I’m full of pride and joy when the lawyers start clicking as they begin recognizing how well the structure is really built.”

“When we talk to these lawyers and use examples, different things ring out to them as they begin to notice why their results have been inconsistent,” said Mr. Bennett. “They see different patterns in their cases that they never before realized were there, and they gain a new perspective and enthusiasm for their practice.”

Mr. Bennett recalls sitting down with a client to discuss a 6-year-old case, and the client remarking, “I know it’s only been an hour, but this has already been worth every penny I paid.”

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About Trial Structure:

Trial Structure is a repeatable system, a formula for success, that organizes evidence into a powerful trial presentation. After attorneys put their case’s evidence into the Trial Structure, they will have an opening statement that will guide them throughout the trial step by step, so the jury can experience how the defendant was negligent, and find the true value of the case. The Trial Structure team is passionate about teaching attorneys how to maximize their case value; and since 2015, has assisted clients in winning over $100M in verdicts and settlements.

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