Woman And Minority Owned Next Level Trucking Sets New Industry Standard With Launch Of Innovative Business Ownership Program

{Atlanta, GA} – Next Level Trucking, an African-American and woman-owned logistics company, is setting a the new standard in the trucking world with the launch of a turnkey semi-truck program offering 150% profit the potential within the first year. JJ Whitley, Director of Business Development, says the program is designed for those who join to be on the road within 60 days. Becoming a business owner in the program starts with purchasing a semi-tractor trailer. Then Next Level trucking will fully handle the organization of the business, hiring drivers, signing contracts, and invoicing the first deliveries.
Next Level Trucking is leveraging its long-held industry partnerships to assist with financing and offers benefits when it comes to purchasing the semi-truck, as well as getting repairs, parts, equipment, and insurance. Additionally, Next Level Trucking’s carriers offer a bumper-to-bumper warranty on the semi-truck. The individual business owners are not required to obtain their own authority, meaning, the responsibility of upholding state and federal regulatory compliance is on Next Level Trucking. Whitley says this offer is as close as a business owner can get to risk-free because the business owner will own the collateral. “We handle all the turnkey work,” he says, “which includes administering the contracts and managing the drivers, so we put everything in place to make sure the business owner is successful.”
The trucking industry is one of the most in-demand small business ventures in the United States. Whitley says Next Level Trucking – part of a 120-year-old DOT and MC-regulated company – is an innovator in the industry. “We want people to benefit from a safe business option that allows them to generate an income from a business that won’t fail as 70% of entrepreneurial ventures in America do,” he says. Whitley adds that business ownership with Next Level Trucking is ideal for professionals who have savings, but who know they can’t live fully from that savings during their retirement. “This is a way to operate a business with low personal liability,” he says.
Next Level Trucking is operated by a leadership team offering extensive experience in business development, marketing, sales, and financing. Collectively, the leadership team has guided hundreds of businesses globally to achieve organizational growth and drive sustainable change.

Contact Information:

Media Contact: JJ Whitley, Director, Business Development
Company Name: Next Level Trucking
Website: http://www.nltprogram.com
Email: jwhitley@nltprogram.com
Phone: 770-885-8582

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