Peter Light of Maine speaks Out on Senior Care Amid COVID-19 Uncertainties

Seniors in Maine face a growing crisis that began prior to the pandemic. Subject to neglect and abuse, the state’s seniors need heroes willing to speak out on their behalf. The National Center on Elder Abuse fingers isolation as a major culprit in elder abuse and neglect.

Peter Light of Freeport is a senior care advocate who understands the importance of companionship and proper care faced by Maine’s aging population. His company, Amada Senior Care, provides in-home health services for isolated seniors.

Lack of funding may become an even more compelling issue. According to an executive order signed in October 2019, the state’s seniors were losing a vast amount of savings to scammers. The order included estimates of up to $64 million lost due to financial exploitation.

Gov. Janet Mills created the Elder Justice Coordinating Partnership to help protect older adults in Maine. Peter Light of Freeport worries for elder citizens with disabilities and aims to help safeguard them from mental, physical and sexual abuse from disreputable or fraudulent caregivers. About 14,000 reports are filed each year.

Peter Light, Freeport Businessman, Stands up for Seniors

Peter Light, Freeport resident, offers a solution through his home health care company. However, he realizes more needs to be done. According to Peter Light, Freeport seniors benefit from the companionship of a licensed, reputable caregiver. Caregivers can also protect seniors from phone scammers and others who would like to take advantage of them.

With the help of advocates such as Peter Light, Freeport seniors and those throughout the state can pressure federal officials for additional funding. After years of underfunding, Maine ranks at the bottom for elder-abuse protection. Peter Light of Freeport is asking state and local governments to find a solution.

Unfortunately, federal assistance holds the key to making life better for Maine seniors. Peter Light, Freeport business owner, calls on the U.S. Senate to take a closer look at vulnerable states such as Maine.

The HEROES Act has caught the attention of Peter Light of Freeport. Passed in May 2020, the HEROES Act provides desperately needed funding to pump life back into state and local services. Taxpayers and family members with older loved ones should remain vigilant for additional opportunities to funnel resources to isolated elders.

Peter Light Freeport

Peter Light of Freepoint is the CEO of Amada Senior Care. The Freeport company offers in-home caregiver services as well as assisted living communities for older adults. Eldercare services devoted to the health and well-being of seniors can help alleviate the abuse or neglect of Maine’s older adults.