PrepaidCardStatus – Online Portal to Check Balance

If you are a frequent prepaid card user then you might be struggling to check your card’s balance. So today we will give you an easy way to all check all of your card’s balance in one single wallet. We call itPrepaidCardStatusofficial digital wallet for check balance online.

So as its name is suggesting it’s a portal to check the details of any of your cards. Now you don’t need to install multiple apps and visit different websites like,,, or any similar to this.

And instead of this, you can manage all of your prepaid cards into one digital platform. Isn’t it worthy?

PrepaidCardStatus Benefits

We know the very first question that will come into your head is about the worthiness of the portal. So yes, it is all worthy and useful. Let me explain why you should use it.

  • Easy to Access: One of the best things about this portal is that you can access it in a few steps. All you need is a network connection and mobile or laptop and you are all set to go.
  • One Portal for all Cards: So here is another benefit of using PrepaidCardStatus that you can access and manage all of your cards from one place and this is secure as well.
  • Check Card’s History: You can also check the entire history of your card. You can check recent transactions, withdrawal history, and many more.

So these are some of the best features of using this platform.

How to Register with PrepaidCardStatus?
Now you must be willing to register with this platform, aren’t you? So don’t worry we have a complete guide on how you can get register with PrepaidCardStatus. So let’s start the guide without any ado.

  • First of all, visit the official website of PrepaidCardStatus
  • Once you landed on the official website you will see a dialogue box
  • There are two options, A) Have a Wallet? B) Don’t Have a Wallet
  • Because you are and you don’t have any wallet yet so choose the option don’t have a wallet
  • Now enter your card number along with CVS code
  • And click on the login
  • Once you have logged in successfully, now navigate to your balance section
  • You will see your card’s details like name, billing address and expiration date
  • Below these details, you will see your balance as well
  • So now get register with wallet and create a profile
  • Once you have created a wallet profile now you can add multiple cards into it and manage them accordingly

How to Activate a new Card in my PrepaidCardStatus Wallet?
Once you registered with this platform now the next thing you need to do is add all of your cards into it and here is how you can do it.

1. Login to your PrepaidCardStatus account
2. Now go to add a card
3. Fill up the form and complete the new card’s registration
4. Put your card’s number and CVS code
5. Now your card is successfully integrated with it
6. Now you manage it, get all details and check balance anytime, anywhere

Can I check a Gift Card Balance Online at Prepaid Card Status?
Yes, you check your gift card balance online. There are a few ways to do so. Checking the gift card balance is easy although you have to choose the right place to do it.

If you are not so familiar with the internet then you can also check the balance on the phone. This process is also very easy and convenient for those who don’t use the internet so much.

So pick up your phone and make a call to your gift card’s issuer. Mostly the number is printed on the front or backside of the card.

Therefore, check your card and make a call to the issuer. Now follow the instruction to check balance.

But here we will guide you on how you can do this job online. So follow the process.

  • Visit the website of your card provider or visit the prepaid card status
  • Login with your details which you will get in your email
  • Now check your balance easily

What is a Prepaid Card?
If you are not familiar with this type of card then don’t worry as we will elucidate it for you.

Prepaid is a term for those types of cards that need to be filled up with money before you use it. As compared to a credit card, that doesn’t require you to fill your account with money so you can spend it anywhere.

Another difference is that, you can get a prepaid card even if you don’t have register any bank account on your name. This benefit is kind of amazing for those who want to get a new card but they cannot sign up for a bank account.

In the case of credit, you need to have a good credit score before you apply for it. But in prepaid, you can get as many as you want even if your score is very bad.

So that’s are amazing features of a prepaid card and this is the reason that there are millions of people are using it.

What Visa and MasterCard are offering?
Visa and MasterCard both are offering the world’s best and famous prepaid cards all across the globe. They are issuing their cards to every single country in the world. And today they have the most trusty and famous brands in the world.

So having a card from these two is amazing and useful. They are also offering some decent cashback and gift cards. If you want to know more about it then visit their site.

You can also check the official details written by Ben Wills on his website.

Wrap Up
So now you are familiar with the PrepaidCardStatus and I hope you have learned how to check your card’s balance online and on the phone as well. I am sure you will use the portal and it will give you convenience and peace of mind.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comments.


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Mubeen Khan