Irina Dutari Discusses the Benefits of an International Business Degree

If you’re interested in business school, but you’re not yet sure about your specialization, consider international business. “An international business degree gives you a competitive edge in the job market, opens more career options, equips you with a valuable big-picture view of the business world, and gives you a chance to travel the world,” says Irina Dutari, an international business financial consultant.

International Business Can Give You an Edge in Employment Opportunities Says Irina Dutari

Technology and commerce are making the world an increasingly smaller place. Our economy is already a global one. As businesses handle more and more international acquisitions, transactions, and mergers, employers will need employees with the skill set required to oversee these deals. “An international business degree can round out your resume and appeal to companies who have global aspirations,” says Irina Dutari. “It can set you apart from the other candidates by showing that you thought about the trajectory of the market and positioned yourself accordingly.”

International Business Means International Travel Says Irina Dutari

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling the world and seeing far off places, experiencing different cultures, and sampling new cuisines, international business may be the right degree for you. It is an increasingly virtual world, but there are always some deals that have to be made in person, and you’ll likely get the chance to travel across the world – and on the company dime!

“Make no mistake” admonishes Irina Dutari. “When you travel for business, you’re not on vacation – you’ll still be working. But the rush and the inspiration of doing your job in a completely foreign setting is so revitalizing. And of course, there are always evenings and weekends to explore.”

What Can You Do With an International Business Degree? Irina Dutari Explains

“With an international business degree, you can work just about anywhere. Yes, there are the obvious, more well-known and glamorous options, but there is also challenging and fulfilling work in places you’d never suspect,” says Irina Dutari. For example? You can work as a cultural advisor for a company or non-profit. There is a high demand for American business students willing to live overseas and help developing international companies understand the American market. You could even work for a government agency as a diplomatic liaison or a community development specialist.

Most international business majors end up working in the corporate business world, where they oversee projects having to do with global development, international trade, and international operations. “It’s also an excellent base for a law degree or an advanced financial degree,” says Irina Dutari. “International business forces you to look at the big picture, to think on a global scale. That’s long-term critical thinking. This is very important for careers involving law and finance, where a grasp of the big picture and the long game can mean the difference between success and ruin for your clients.”

If you are working on a business project that requires financing, Irina Dutari and her team of talented professionals can assist you with structuring your project to meet the financing requirements.