Start Your Own Steel Construction Business by Working with Capital Steel


Specializing in high-performing steel structures, Capital Steel provides top-quality metal buildings for businesses working across countless fields and industries. It also offers turnkey opportunities that allow contractors to expand their services and expand their customer pools.

“Capital Steel Industries (CSI) is a national enterprise that values local experience,” said Travis McCain, VP Marketing of Capital Steel. “For qualified general contractors who have the capacity to take on additional business, we provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity that allows contractors to grow their businesses by offering construction services for steel building projects.”

By partnering with Capital Steel, local steel building contractors acquire the ability to provide local businesses with versatile, highly durable steel buildings. This allows them to open up lucrative new revenue streams while enhancing the reputations of their overall brand.

“Steel buildings are practical, versatile, and durable solutions for modern businesses,” said McCain. “These cost-effective structures provide incredible longevity, along with low maintenance and short construction timelines. They also offer exceptional flexibility and first-rate durability that makes them an attractive investment for all sorts of enterprises.”

As an authorized independent dealer for Capital Steel Industries, contractors are able to cast a wider net that allows them to secure business from local companies working across diverse industries. From agricultural producers and auto shops to aircraft hangers, breweries, casinos, car washes, churches, fitness centers, horse stables, and commercial properties; steel structures provide a perfect functional environment for almost any type of business.

As part of the “Capital Steel coalition,” qualified contractors and construction professionals enjoy a number of unique benefits. After paying the dealership fee, they get access to leads and resources. They also enjoy facilitated procurement of building systems in their immediate areas.

As part of their partnership with Capital Steel, approved contractors attain the brand prestige of having a badge on their websites alerting customers that they sell Capital Steel Buildings. They are also trained by a dedicated Project Manager from Capital Steel to ensure that they can hit the ground running and start profiting from their partnership right away. Capital Steel also works hard to support each partner by providing access to invaluable leads and resources that enhance their marketing efforts.

“At Capital Steel, we understand that working with a local contractor is a big priority for many prospective buyers,” said McCain. “That’s why we are proud to team up with the best local contractors and construction professionals. The Capital Steel coalition allows us to provide customers with all of the benefits of owning a Capital Steel brand building, along with the budget-friendly builder relationship afforded by local contractors who deeply care about each local business and their local communities at large.”

About Capital Steel Industries

A leading provider of high-performing, affordable steel structures, Capital Steel Industries offers the highest quality buildings in the industry. We also connect local businesses with the best construction professionals in their areas, while ensuring that they only use the very best materials and construction techniques.

By partnering with the very best contractors and construction professionals, we ensure that customers receive top-notch local knowledge and service. Whether you’re purchasing a metal building for personal use or a local business, you can expect first-in-class materials and attentive service from local construction experts in your community.

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