EyeSpi Dash Cam Reviews (Latest 2020): Price & How Does It Work?

Often it is seen that people are worried about parking their cars at a place where there is no proper parking facility. Cars are an investment that people make after earning enough to look after it too. It makes locomotion and travel easier but also gives a worry of keeping it intact and safe. As the reports of cars getting stolen from just being parked at a roadside or being thrashed by someone are increasing, people are getting aware about the safety of their vehicles and are trying to find the best alternative to keep their car safe rather than to just park them at a parking kilometre away from the destination.

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New cars come with a camera sensor on its bumper for giving proper assistance in parking but a lot of companies using the same technology for keeping the cars safer. A lot of companies have jumped into the market for providing such cameras that can be mounted on the car deck or front bumper and can be used for surveillance. But since a lot of companies are already there in this market, it is hard to choose the best one among those.

EyeSpi Dash Cam can be called as the perfect choice for a user when it comes to the safety of the car and proper surveillance. It is not just a car surveillance camera but is a high-quality professional camera with a built-in spy mode to keep the car under surveillance when it is parked. It is a kind of camera that can be used by the people by just mounting it on the car’s dashboard or the parking mirror. It is used by people to record their road trips in high quality and proper frame rates. And whenever it is parked somewhere, the spy mode turns on automatically after turning the car off and keeps proper surveillance of the car. EyeSpi Dash Cam hence is the kind of product that can provide the satisfaction of safety for the user.

What is EyeSpi Dash Cam for?

EyeSpi Dash Cam is a high quality small sized camera just like the professional Go Pro cameras but the only difference is that it can be used for car surveillance too. It is a camera that can be mounted on the dashboard of the car and the user can just connect it with his or her smartphone using the dedicated app for the same. This camera has a high resolution and bigger aperture lens that records videos in Ultra HD quality at 60 frames per second. These features are extremely beneficial for people who go on frequent road trips and want to record the moment of driving the car at various scenes. Along with the use of adventure trips recording, the camera has a special purpose and it is to keep the car safe from being thrashed and being stolen. It is a kind of hidden camera when mounted on the car sends a live recording of a 360-degree view right after 5 min of turning off the car. EyeSpi Dash Cam sends the live footage to the connected device and can be used to keep an eye on the car.

What is the design and build of the EyeSpi Dash Cam?

EyeSpi Dash Cam is a kind of camera that serves dual purposes. The camera has been made using perfectly durable material. The outer shell of the camera has been made of lightweight plastic fiber which is durable and shockproof. Then the camera can be connected to a smartphone using Wifi and the dedicated app. The camera lens used is of professional quality and records videos at 1080p and 60 fps. The lens can be rotated 360 degrees for an all-round view of the road trip. It is a smart device that has an inbuilt spy mode that can be used to record and keep the car under surveillance whenever it is parked. This spy mode can be turned to automatic mode or manual mode. All these controls can be done using the connected smartphone. The device comes under a yearlong overall warranty and can be replaced or repaired for free if anything happens to the camera in this period. EyeSpi Dash Cam hence serves perfectly in maintaining dual works i.e. record adventure trips and spy on the vehicle.

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What is the special thing about EyeSpi Dash Cam?

EyeSpi Dash Cam 1080P HD Car Dash Camera can be used by people very easily and it is a durable and affordable camera. A lot of pieces have been sold worldwide and the product serves perfectly in its purpose. The special thing about this device is its dedicated stealth mode. Keeping the care safe is the motive of every car owner around the world. This camera helps to make sure that the car is under surveillance as soon as it is turned off and the recording is sent directly to the smartphone connected. These recordings can be useful in catching the culprit if anything happens with the vehicle. EyeSpi Dash Cam hence is the best dash cam available in the market.

What are the benefits of using EyeSpi Dash Cam?

EyeSpi Dash Cam comes from prolonged smart device makers. It has earned a proper place in the market and a lot of users have been using it. The benefits which the users have experienced with its usage are:

1. It gives professional-quality videos for road trips.

2. It has a dedicated high-quality 360-degree viewing spy camera.

3. Can be controlled using a smartphone that can be connected to the device with the help of a dedicated app.

4. Camera lens supporting 1080p footage.

5. Shockproof camera.

FAQs about EyeSpi Dash Cam

1. How to mount the camera?

EyeSpi Dash Cam can be easily mounted at the dashboard or the parking mirror of the car using the instruction manual provided with the camera.

2. Where to Buy EyeSpi Dash Cam?

EyeSpi Dash Cam can be bought using the official website eyespidash.com. This site is available at every platform and can be accessed easily to order the device at home.

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