Faux Stone DIY You Can Do at Home While On “Staycation”


As many people adjust to a new life spent mostly at home, some are looking for ways to use their time productively. You may be surprised to learn that you can significantly improve the look, feel, and curb appeal or your home right now without having to work with a contractor.

A leading provider of faux stone, rock and brick, GenStone provides stunning, durable home paneling that’s easy to acquire and easy to install. According to Travis McCain, VP Marketing at GenStone, the seamless, straightforward DIY process allows homeowners to drastically enhance the look of their homes the moment they receive their orders.

“Over the past two decades, our panelized DIY faux stone system has become a mainstay in the home improvement market,” said McCain. “Based on an easy-to-install combination of panels and accessories, the GenStone system was designed to provide a true do-it-yourself-friendly stone veneer home improvement product.”

The GenStone system allows homeowners to enhance their properties with authentic-looking stone, rock, and brick for about half the cost of traditional masonry work. It also provides diverse options for DIY projects you can do at home right now without having to work with a contractor.

“On our website, we provide details for dozens of DIY faux stone enhancement projects,” said McCain. “Customers need only place an order, and we’ll provide the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions, so they can get started immediately. Everything is available right now.”

The listed projects include faux stone porch accents made of durable, lightweight stacked stone panels that significantly enhance curb appeal. These same panels can also be used to update other property features, including chimneys, driveway pillars, and much more.

The GenStone website also details a number of other compelling DIY faux stone home remodeling projects involving whole-scale exterior facelifts with exterior cladding panels. There are also options for exterior Wainscoting panels that dramatically transform the look and curb appeal of an ordinary home exterior.

“Our panelized DIY faux stone system offers incredible versatility,” said McCain. “We highlight this by showcasing a diversity of projects on our website. In addition to complete exterior cladding panels, we’ve added a number of exciting specialized projects. This includes everything from outdoor kitchens and exterior decking to hot tub privacy walls and stunning interior stacked stone backsplashes.”

Intended to provide inspiration for homeowners, these projects give insight into the many ways faux stone panels can enhance the look and feel of a home. Unlike traditional products, however, GenStone provides a true DIY system, allowing homeowners to avoid the extra costs of hiring a professional installer.

“We’ve designed the GenStone system so virtually anyone can install it,” said McCain. “No matter how you envision adding rock, stone or brick to your home, our product makes the entire process simple and seamless. In addition to providing detailed step-by-step instructions, we offer a series of brief but informative instructional videos. These allow homeowners to hit the ground running, so they can get the look they want without the confusion or frustration that comes with many DIY home improvement projects.”

While current events may make it difficult for homeowners to schedule home remodeling projects with contractors; it is possible to transform your home’s aesthetic right now with Gemstone’s panelized DIY faux stone system. The simple DIY process means you can begin and complete the entire process without the aid of a professional installer.

There’s plenty of good reasons to enhance the look of your home with the industry’s most authentic-looking alternative to expensive masonry work. In addition to avoiding needless contractor fees, you enjoy the pride of knowing you played an essential role in transforming the look of your home.

About GenStone

GenStone specializes in making the stunning beauty of stone simple with its innovative faux stone system designed to deliver a true DIY stone veneer product. Originally introduced in 2002, our unique panelized system has become a standby in the home improvement market, as homeowners and contractors search for authentic-looking stone, brick, and rock for a fraction of the cost of standard masonry work. Available in Class-A fire-rated interior and durable, beautiful exterior collections, the GenStone concept has established a well-earned reputation throughout the U.S. and Canada as the top alternative to cast and natural stone.

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